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Chapter 14-SS

5th grade Chapter 14

where did most Southerners live by the mid 1850s? small towns and farms
In what region of the US were most of the nation's cities located by the 1850s? North
What was the North's point of view on slavery by the 1850'? Most Northern states had outlawed slavery
Which of the following describes slavery's role in the Southern economy? Slavery was profitable
Which of the following describes what slaves were doing when they resisted slavery? fighting for freedom
Which of the following is one way in which slaves resisted slavery? holding back on work
which of the following was a slave rebellion that ended in slaves returning to Africa? Amistad rebellion
What means did Harriet Tubman and others use to help slaves reach freedom in the North? Underground Railroad
Which of the following describes the lifestyle of free African Americans? They lived in fear of losing their freedom
What problem did the Missouri Compromise solve? Northerners did not want more slave states than free states
Why were people outraged at the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case? The Court said African Americans had no rights
How did John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry affect the nation? It further divided the North and South
Which statement represents Lincoln's and Douglas's views on slavery? Lincoln opposed slavery, but Douglas thought slavery had its place
Which of the following is a reason Southern states seceded from the Union? They wanted to keep slavery
What officially strated the Civil War? the battle at Fort Sumter
was made up of the states that remained loyal to the United States government Union
Allowed California to be admitted to the Union as a free state Compromise of 1850
the idea that people of a state can choose the laws that best fit their needs state's rights
South Carolina was the first to __________ from the Union secede
the _____________ preserved teh balance between free and slave states Missouri Compromise
the staes that seceded from the Union formed the _______ Confederacy
the ____ allowed people in cerain areas to determine whether or not their territory would allow slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act
Although some former slaves had reached the North and found freedom, the _____ said they had to be retruned to their owners. Fugitive Slave Law
_____ did not allow slaves to own land slave codes
Slavery was illegal in California and any other _______ free state
Harriet Tubman became famous for helping slaves escape to freedom on the _______. Underground Railroad
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