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Constitution art 1

Legislative branch

How many groups is congress divided into? What are they? 2 groups- the senate and the house of representitives
Which branch is congress? Legislative branch
What does congress make? Laws
How often are the members of the house of representatives elected? By who? Every two years by the people of each state
How old must each member of the house of representatives be? 25+ years old
How long must a member of the house of representatives be a us citizen? 7 years
Where must a member of the house of representative live? In the state he/ she represents
How many members are in congress? 100 + 435 = 535
What is the number of representatives in the house based on? Population
How often is a Census taken and why? Every 10 years to determine a states population.
How many members are currently in the House of Representatives? 435
What was the 3/5th compromise? What amendment was it deleted? A slave was worth 3/5th of a person. This was later deleted in the 13th Amendment when slaves were freed.
If a member of the house leaves office before his/her term ends what happens? The governor of that state must either temporarily appoint someone or schedule a special election to fill the vacancy.
Who leads the House of Representatives? The Speaker of the House.
Who elects the speaker of the house? The political party that has the majority in the house.
Who has the only power to impeach a federal officer of wrongdoing? The House of Representatives.
Define: impeach to accuse or charge a federal officer of a crime.
How many senators do every state have? 2
How many senators are there currently? 100
How many votes does each senator have? 1
How long is a senator’s term? 6 years
________ of the senators is elected every_______ years. One third every two years
How old must a senator be? 30+
How many years must a member of the senate be a U. S. citizen? 9 years
Where must a member of the senate live? In the state he/she represents.
Who is the president of the senate? The vice president of the usa
When is the only time the president of the senate votes? to break a tie
what is the "President por tempore"? when the v.p. is absent, his is the temporary leader
If the ________ impeaches a federal official, the _______ acts as a jury. house of representatives, senate
If the president is impeached, who presides over the senate hearing? The chief justice of the supreme court
How many of the senators must find the federal official guilty for him/her to be removed from office? 2/3
What happens if a federal official is found guilty by senate? he/she can be removed from office and barred from holding a federal office in the future.
Where can a convicted official still be tried? Criminal court
Created by: tess98
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