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Reconstruction Swag

AP Reconstruction Unit 10

When was Reconstruction 1863-1877
What 3 major issues were addressed? 1- how to re-admit the confereate states, 2- what to do with the confederate leaders (jail? vote?) 3- What the status of the former slaves would be
What was Lincoln's plan? once 10% of the former confederates had pledge allegiance, they would become a state. AND state constitutions would be re-written to abolish slavery (13th amendment)
What did the 13th amendment do? abolish slavery
14th amendment? gave all people born in the US Citizenship
15th amendment? right to vote for all men.
What was the Wade- Davis Bill? proposed by Congress that suggested 50% of a confederate state had to pledge loyalty. It was pocket-vetoed by Lincoln and NEVER BECAME A LAW
What was the Freedman's Bureau? welfare agency passed by Lincoln to help former slaves get on their feet. It was particularly successful in the area of education.
Who became President after Lincoln? Andrew Johnson
Where was Johnson from? Democrat from Tennessee
What was Johnson's feeling about Black people? He was racist! He hated them.
What was Johnson's plan for reconstruction? Lincoln's plan + 1) non-inclusion of former Confederate leaders and wealthy whites 2) Claimed right to grant indivudal pardons to anyone he pleased
Why did Republicans soon hate Johnson's plan? Johnson pardoned almost all southerners!
How did the south evade enforcing the 13th/14th amendments? Implemented Black Codes which prohibited blacks from renting/buiyuing land, free movement was regulated and they could not testify against whites in court.
How did Republicans block Johnson's plans? They obtained more than 2/3 majority in both houses and overturned his vetoes.
What was radical reconstruction? When republicans dominated southern governments: between 1866-1876
Who were the leading radical republicans? Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens
What did the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 do? 1- divided the south into 5 military districts, 2- Enfranchised all males 21 and older 3- disenfranchised 10% of white males (ex-confederates), 4- said new state constitutions had to ratify 14th amendment
What did the Tenure of Office Act do? It prohibited the President from removing federal officials without Congressional approval- it was made as "bait" for Johnson. They wanted to find a reason to impeach him.
Who did Johnson remove from office (in violation of the Tensure of Office Act)? Secretary of War- Stanton
What happened to Johnson as a result of the violation He was impeached, but fell short by 1 vote for removal of office.
What were the goals of the Radical Republicans 1- to revolutionize southern society by : extending civil rights to freed slaves, educating blacks and redistributing confiscated land.
What legislations comprised the "radical" republican program? 1- Civil Rights Act of 1866, 2- 14th amendment 3- Reconstruction Acts of 1867 4- Tenure of Office Act 5- 15th Amendment 6- Civil Rights Act of 1875
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1866 say? It said that all African-Americans were legal citizens, but it was INEFFECTIVE because it was NOT ENFORCED
What did the Civil Rights Act o 1875 say? It guaranteed equal accommodations in public places and prohibited exclusion of blacks from juries
What is a scalawag? a southern republican (kind of like a traitor... disliked by southern democrats)
What is a carpetbagger? northern Republicans who were often corrupt profit seekers.
Who was Hiram Revels? First Black Senator elected to Congress
What did the freed blacks do to establish independence from white control? 1- formed black churches 2- establish black schools/colleges 3- establish black communities
How did most blacks earn a living after slavery/ sharecropping (but never really got on their own feet because they had to give 50% of product back)
What was the north like during Reconstruction? lots of corruption/ over production and underconsumption leads to economic depression
What were 2 scandals under President Ulysses S. Grant? Whiskey Ring and the Credit Mobilier Affair
What was the Credit Mobilier Affair? Railroad investors were stealing government money which was supposed to finance RR
Who was William "Boss" Tweed? He stole tax money from the NYC public
Who mostly voted for Grant? Blacks
What was the Mississippi Plan? Used to "persuade" (intimidate) white Republicans to vote Democrat
What group came around in 1867 that was the major implementor of the mississippi plan? The Ku Klux Klan
What was the Compromise of 1877? Determined Rutherford B. Hayes as President and gave the Democrats $ for the southern transcontinental RR/ southerner as postmaster general, withdrawal of remaining federal troops from south and $ to rebuild levees on the lower Mississippi
Created by: bnet02