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Anvil? Hit patient’s calcalenous POS=pain somewhere IND=FRX
Alli’s? Patient lays supine and brings heels together. Check the knees for discrepancies in femurs or tibia/fibula POS=difference in lengths
Patricks? Patient lies supine and makes a figure four, doctor applies pressure to knee and ASIS POS= Px in the hip IND=hip pathology
Laguerres? =Patricks in the air POS=Pain in the SI Joint IND=SI lesion can also produce pain in the hip if there is a hip pathology
Thomas Test? Patient lies supine and brings knee to chest POS=knee comes off of the table IND=contracture of the iliopsoas
Gaenslens? =patient lies supine and brings knee to chest and extends other leg straight off of the table..over pressure is applied POS=Pain in the SI or referred IND=SI lesion
Obers? patient is side lying on side with bottom leg flexed, flex and extend leg POS=knee lifts up IND=contracted TFL/IT; also can do the knee drop version
Lewin Gaenslens? Patient lies on side and brings bottom knee to chest, doct extends top leg POS=Pain in the SI IND=SI lesion
Elys? prone and doctor brings heel to contralateral butt, and then hyperextends the hip POS=pain in the anterior thigh or medial calf IND=femoral nerve irritation or if in lumbar area, it is nerve root stretching
Nachlas? Patient lies prone and doctor brings heel to same side butt POS=Pain in the SI or LS area or if it radiates IND=SI or LS disorder
Hibbs? patient is prone and doctor maximally flexes the knee and internally rotates the hip POS=Pain in the SI joint IND=hip pathology
Trendelenberg Test? Patient is standings and lifts one knee. POS=If that iliac crest drops IND=weak gluteus medius
Yeomans? Patient is prone and doctor flexes knee, and then hyper extends hip with pressure over the SI joint POS=Pain in the SI IND=SI joint lesion
Created by: maddie427