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VUS.2 Questions

VUS.2 Essential Information on Exploration and Colonization

Which group of people settled the New England colonies? The Puritans seeking religious freedom
On what was the Puritans’covenant community based? The principles of the Mayflower Compact and the Puritan religious beliefs
Did the Puritans tolerate other religions in their community? No
What type government did they (Puritans)establish? Form of direct democracy through town meetings
Which groups settled in the Middle Atlantic region? English, Dutch and German-speaking immigrants
Why did these immigrants settle the Middle Atlantic region? They were seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity
Who settled in Virginia and the other Southern colonies? People seeking economic opportunities
Who were the cavaliers? English nobility who received large land grants in eastern Virginia from the King of England
Who settled in the Shenandoah Valley or western Virginia? Poor English immigrants who were seeking better lives as small farmers or artisans.
Who were indentured servants? People who agreed to work on tobacco plantations for a period of time to pay for passage to the New World
Where was the first permanent settlement? When? Jamestown in 1607
What company was responsible for the settlement at Jamestown? The Virginia Company of London – It was a business venture
What was the first elected assembly in the New World? The House of Burgesses established in the 1640s in Virginia
What is it called today and why is it significant? General Assembly of Virginia – operated continuously from colonial times
Where did the English settle in the New World? The American colonies in North America
Where did the Spanish settle? The Caribbean, Central America and South America
The exploration and settlements of the Europeans often led to what? Violent conflicts with the American Indians (First Americans)
What were the two main effects this settlement had on the First Americans? The Indians lost their traditional territories and fell victim to diseases carried from Europe
How was the French exploration different? It did not lead to large-scale immigration from France and relations with native peoples were often more cooperative
Where did the French settle? Canada
What led to the introduction of slavery in the New World? The growth of an agricultural economy based on large landholdings in the Southern colonies and in the Caribbean
Why and when were the first Africans brought to Jamestown? 1619 to work on the tobacco plantations
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