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history!!! 101


Immigration? processed at Ellis Island, an unlimited amount of immigrants in our country
Why come here? they leave everything and come here because they know there are better jobs, and more money in the U.S. (they fantasized)
Industrial age? early 1800's. Changed how economy was
Political machine? A social network. Mafia hand in hand. Nickname: Tammany hall. Jobs low paying, too many workers, low wages, and no safety standards
Progressives were trying to reform the abusiveness's of society; safety standards, working conditions, child labor laws, etc.
Pure food drug act Halted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called for truth in labeling
Square deal T.R.'s social program. Represented workers, the common movement, and the progressive party.
Susan B. Anthony Leader of the Women's right and suffrage movement.
Howard Taft Becomes T.R.'s vice president when he left, to keep on leading the progressive party. When teddy came back he was not impressed to see Taft leading away from the progressive party's goals.
3 Party race For Howard Taft, and defeated by Wilson. Neither T.R or Taft won
Chinese Exclusion Act and the gentlemen agreement Both banned Asians from the U.S.
Sherman anti trust Act cannot allow competition in the marketplace
Terriff system taxes on goods that are traded
Civil rights back then segregation was legal.
IDA torbell wrote a book about standard oil putting everyone out of business
Clayton Anti Trust Act defined what a monopoly=trust. gave enforcement policy on Sherman Act
Federal trade Commission (FTC) made sure no states interfered with trades from one to another. *railroads were the biggest issue when they started to charge high rates
Women's temperance league was against drinking, and strict rules over what women couldn't do. promoted women's votes,
Mafia leader? purpose? Al Capone. Dominated the distribution of alcohol
NAACP The national association for the advancement of Colored people. Aimed for nothing less that full equality among the races
Organized Crime more influentional. Mafia families, mobsters trying to gain control, well funded.
18th amendment illegal to sell and consume alcohol
Created by: Becksyoung