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Music History

multiple choice questions

The dominant figure in music in seventeenth-century France was _____. Jean-Baptiste Lully
The leading musical entertainment at the French court in the first half of the seventeenth century was the _____. ballet
The French opera overture had _____ main contrasting sections. two
_____ developed a thoroughly rationalistic set of conventions for Italian opera seria around 1700. Apostolo Zeno
Recitative supported by the entire ensemble of strings rather than only basso continuo is called _____. accompagnato
A recurring orchestral passage called _____ might be used to unify the structures of both the large-scale Italian opera aria and the concerto movement. ritornello
A(n) _____ was an organ work in which a chorale melody was employed in a single statement as a cantus firmus. chorale prelude
Keyboard composers in _____ often included in their suites movements with characteristic titles rather than merely the names of dances. France
_____ means a passage of rapidly overlapping imitative entries of the subject, often used to increase the climactic effect at the end of a fugue. stretto
A sonata da chiesa was actually a _____. suite of dances
In the middle of the seventeenth century the musical scholar _____ grouped the musical styles of the time into three classifications. Marco Scacchi
_____ included all types of seventeenth-century vocal music except sacred music and opera. stylus cubicularis
The first opeera was composed primarily by _____. Jacopo Peri
The first public opera house opened in _____ in 1637. Venice
The musical structure in which free material unfolds over a repeating bass formula is called _____. strophic variation
The German composer _____ traveled to Venice to become acquainted with the music of Giovanni Gabrieli an dMonteverdi. Schutz
Giacomo Carissimi is regarded as the composer most responsible for the development of the _____. oratorio
The instrumental genre known as the _____ arose when the canzona became fragmented into separate sections or movements. sonata
In the seventeenth century a partita was a(n) _____. set of variations
The first dance movement in a seventeenth-century suite was most commonly a(n) _____. allemande
The philosophical movement that corresponds to the so-called "Baroque" period in art and music was _____. Rationalism
The word _____ generally means overly ornamented, distorted, bizarre, or eccentric. baroque
A _____ is a mood or state of mind; the six basic ones were love, hate, joy, sorrow, wonder, and desire. passion
New aesthetic principles for music were articulated in the late sixteenth century by a group of intellectuals who met in the city of _____. Florence
Vincenzo Galilei recommended that, in order to understand how musical expression should function, composers ought to attend _____. the theater
The musical texture of solo voice with accompaniment by a lute or keyboard instrument is called _____. monody
An Italian strophic song in the early seventeent century was identified as a(n) _____. aria
For his collection of songs published in 1602 as Le nuove musiche, _____ wrote a preface that explained vocal ornamentation and the use of figured bass. Giulio Caccini
Since the beginning of the seventeenth century, the term _____ has implied any use of contrasting voices and/or instruments with separate functions. concertato
The concept of second pratica has to do with the musical style element _____. harmony
Handel spent most of his early twenties in _____, where he mastered the musical style of that country. Italy
In his early years in London, Handel wrote many popular works in the genre of _____, which had not been explored to any great extent by English Baroque composers. opera seria
The Beggar's Opera was the first work in a newly created genre, _____. ballad opera
Pietro Metastasio made his greatest contribution music as a(n) _____. opera librettist
The intermezzo took its plots from the _____, which had been popular for a long time in Italy. commedia dell'arte
When Handel gave up composing operas he turned instead to the _____. oratorio
Handel's oratorios are structured in _____ parts or acts. three
Georg Philipp Telemann worked in the city of Hamburg as a(n) _____. Kantor
As concert master at the court in Weimar, Bach became familiar with the style of _____. Italian sonatas and concertos
One of Bach's greatest achievements was his composition of _____ for performance in Leipzig church services. sacred concertos
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