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5 - Civil War

Antebellum, Civil War, & Reconstruction

What was the problem with Missouri wanting to become a slave state? There was an equal number of free and slave states. Missouri would unbalance that power in Congress.
What were the 2 states that were created as a result of the Missouri Compromise? Missouri and Maine
What was the Missouri Compromise Line? A line going across Missouri's southern border. States below could become slave states, and states above it would be free states.
What are States' Rights? The idea that all powers not given to U.S. government in the Constitution are the states'.
What is Nullification? The idea that a state could choose to nullify (or void) a federal law if they didn't like it.
How did the beliefs of States' Rights and Nullification lead to the Civil War? Many southern states wanted to do away with a tariff (tax on foreign goods) that the federal government had passed.
What were the results of the Compromise of 1850. California enters as a free state. Congress passes the Fugitive Slave Act (law enforcement must capture and return runaway slaves)
How did the Georgia Platform influence the Compromise of 1850? Some Southern states wanted to secede. Georgia wanted to stay. It said to support the Compromise of 1850 and secede only if the North doesn't hold up it's end of the deal.
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Kansas territory could have slaves, and the Nebraska Territory would be free.
Why did the Kansas-Nebraska Act upset abolishonist Northerners? Kansas was above the Missouri Compromise LIne and shouldn't be open to slavery.
Who lead the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Georgia's Alexander Stephens.
Who was Dred Scott? A slave whose owner brought him to a free state. He sued for his freedom.
How did the Supreme Court rule in the Dred Scott case? That blacks aren't citizens and can't sue. Also, slaves are their owners property no matter where they go.
Who was Georgia's choice for president in the Election of 1860. Pro-slavery candidate, Breckinridge
Who won the Election of 1860? Lincoln
Why would Lincoln's election cause secession? Lincoln was an abolishonist
How did Georgia decide to secede? Gov. Brown said Georgia would have more power to negotiate if we seceded. Georgia voted and barely chose to secede. (166 to 130)
Did Alexander Stephens support slavery? Yes he did.
Did Alexander Stephens want to secede? No, but he went along with it once Georgia voted for secession.
Did Alexander Stephens support the idea that states can nullify federal laws? No, he opposed them.
Who was Alexander Stephens? A Georgia Congressman.
How did the Union blockade the coast of Georgia? The Union Navy stopped ships coming and going from coastal ports. The Union had taken some forts along the barrier islands.
Why did the Union blockade the coast of Georgia? To cut off the South's ability to trade with the rest of the world.
What are blockade runners? Confederate entrepreneurs who tried to slip through the blockade to get supplies for the South.
Where was the Battle of Antietam at and why was it important? Maryland (First battle in a northern state). It was the bloodiest DAY of the Civil War. After this battle Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
Who won the battle of Antietam? The Union.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? When Lincoln freed the slaves in Confederate states. No slaves actually went free b/c the Union didn't control any Confed. states. Maryland and Missouri freed their states even though they were part of the union.
Where was the Battle of Gettysburg and why was it important? Pennsylvania (2nd & last battle in a northern state). It was important because it was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and it was the turning point in the Civil War for the Union. The North began going on the offensive
Who won the Battle of Gettysburg? The Union.
Where was the Battle of Chickamauga fought? North Georgia, near the border of Tennessee, just south of Chattanooga, TN.
What was the fighting at the Battle of Chickamauga over? Control of railroad routes between Atlanta and Chattanooga.
Who won the Battle of Chickamauga? The Confederates won. They pushed the Union back into Chattanooga, TN.
What city did Sherman siege after Chickamauga? Atlanta, Georgia.
How did Sherman drive the Confederates from Atlanta? By destroying their supply routes, the railroads leading into Atlanta.
What did the Confederates do before retreating from Atlanta? Burned warehouses of supplies so Sherman couldn't use them.
What did Sherman do to Atlanta before his army left for Savannah, Georgia? Burned military targets like train stations, factories, and warehouses. But the soldiers got carried away and burned homes and shops.
What did Sherman do on his "March to the Sea?" Destroyed nonfood crops bridges, roads, railroads, and factories that supported the war.
Why did Sherman destroy so much of Georgia on the "March to the Sea?" To break down the civilian's will to fight so that they won't support the war anymore. He wanted to end the war quicker.
What did Sherman do to Savannah after his "March to the Sea?" He did not burn it because they surrendered without a fight. He sent millions of dollars worth of cotton to the North to help pay for the war. He telegraphed President Lincoln and gave it him Savannah as 'a Christmas present.'
What was Andersonville Prison? A Confederate prisoner of war camp for Union soldiers outside of Macon located in south Georgia.
What were the conditions like at the Andersonville Prison? Horrible: overcrowded, no clean water, not enough food, diseases spread quickly. Near the end of its 14 months 100 prisoners a day were dying. About 13,700 Union prisoners of war died there.
Created by: Georgiahistory
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