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Chapter 4

trail by ordeal has to pass dangerous test to prove innocence
Trail by combat has to fight to prove innocence
How a town became independent a royal charter
A play about a priest's life a Miracle play
how old you were to become an apprentice 7 years old
When leeches drew blood from people bloodletting
guild an organization in the same craft or trade
jobs open to Jews banker or money lender
a play about a bible story a mystery play
a person who worked by the day a journeyman
a person who works for a master in a trade or craft in return for training an apprentice
Craftspeople had their own guilds.Makes things. (Cobbler, cloth maker,stonemason etc.)
Guild an organization in the same craft or trade
Master a person who could set up their own business
Master piece a piece of work produced to become a master
Surplus more than is needed or used
What things led to spread of disease lived in small spaces, not much bathing, rats and fleas carried disease, used outdoor privies or chamber pots emptied into streams, canals, or street
list ways a guild helped its members protection, controlled hours of work, set prices, dealt with complaints from public
Common law laws made by judges when they are deciding a case
How were Jews treated not aloud to have land, lords took their belongings, and targets of violence
What jobs were Jews allowed to be they could be bankers and moneylenders
What leisure activities were enjoyed by kids hoops, dolls, blind mans bluff, badminton, lawn bowling, wooden swords, balls, and hobbyhorses
What leisure activities were enjoyed by adults chess, checkers, animal baiting, hanging,guild parades, card games, and dancing
Created by: jms13