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Missi Dominici Lords messenger
King; Western Power; 768 c.e. Char lemagne
Social Class Group belongs to a society. Class can be determined by money, role, or ones parentage.
-Omens, Occurrences that predict future events. Portents
Saltic Code The 'Law' of the Franks; Money = Soldi
A persons value in money. wergild
Gaul Late 4th and 5th centuries; -Farmer and war lovers/makers
St. Patrick 5th century, Patron saint of Ireland; brought to the Irish Christianity and healthy respect for learning
- Practises religion, spread christianity - Book of Leinster, Irish tales Monks
Charlem agnes's empire 770-814 carolingian Empire
- rebirth - revival - especially of the arts Renaissance
wester european culture. Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Bretons are ALL CELTS. Celtic peoples
- warriors - farmers - metal work Anglo - saxons
long poem telling heraic deeds + events Epic
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