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socials history 8

mid terms

gaul roman province (now known as France)
runes ancient type of writing used by the vikings
wergild a mans worth in money
salic code money value of every piece of property and person
portents omens, occurrences that predict future events
social class the group that one belongs to in a society. can be determined by money role in society or one parentage
charlemagne a king of western Europe in 732 ad
missi dominici agents of Charlemagne who made sure everyone was treated fairly
Carolingian empire Charlemagne's empire from about 770 to 814 ad
renaissance rebirth or revival of especially of the arts
Celtic peoples western European culture the Scottish Irish welsh Cornish and Bretons are all Celts
Anglo Saxons farmers. lived in small villages and shared the hard work of agriculture between the men and women
Epic a long poem telling about heroic deeds and events
Beowulf a ancient epic about a Swedish heroes battles between a troll the trolls mother and a dragon
St Patrick patron saint of Ireland who brought the Irish to Christianity and a healthy respect for learning
monks played a critical role in training missionaries and in Christianity
parchment dried sheepskin used to write on
vikings seafaring warriors who raided villages along the seas and rivers in the massive long boats
Danegeld a tax payed by a king or land owner to stop vikings from raiding them
fjord salt water inlet at the base of very steep cliffs on either side, usually very deep
skald viking poet who recited poems at every gathering. the viking equivalent of a bard
thrall viking slave
thing a form of government used by the vikings, still in use today
outlaw an outcast who could be killed on site
vassal one who swears loyalty to a lord
feudal contract the bargain between a lord and his vassals
Housecarl a Norman soldier
cavalry soldiers on horseback
propaganda an effort to spread opinions or beliefs often by lying
opus anglicanum the work of the english
allegiance loyalty
homage formal acknowledgement
self sufficient independent
thatching special grass to make roofs
fletching fitting feathers on arrows
demesne land set aside for the lord of the manor
sustainable can keep going year after year without dying
fallow ploughed and left unseeded
three field system a system were two fields were planted and one was left fallow
excommunicate to cancel a persons membership in the church
tithe money of produce given to the church worth about one tenth of one income
trial by ordeal a torture to see if one was innocent if they survived god saved them and they were innocent
chivalry sum of ideal qualifications for a knight including courtesy generosity valor and dexterity in arms
katana a long sword worn by the samurai
wakizashi a short sword worn by a samurai
Bushido the way of the warrior the equivalent of chivalry
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