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Social Studies: 1


Geography the study of our physical surroundings and how humans interact with them
Geographic Term A word that means a land form or body of water. Examples of this include bay, sea, peninsula, and island.
Longitude an imaginary line called a meridian that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole
Latitude an imaginary line called a parallel that circles Earth from East to West
Physical Feature a part of Earth's surface that is a landmass or a body of water
Climate aspects of weather such as temperature, rainfall, and wind, that are measured overtime in an are
Globe a sphere that is a model of Earth and is most accurately represents it
Land form a physical feature of Earth's surface such as a mountain or a plain
Isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
Migrate to move from one region of the world to another region
Migration movement of people from one country or area of the world to a new home in another country or area
Origin Story a tale that a group of people tells about where they came from and how the Earth came to be
Gorge a narrow, deep valley with steep sides
Mesa a flat-topped hill with steep sides
Nomadic moving from place to place, often with changes in the seasons, to follow sources of food
Cultural Regions an area of the world where people develop similar ways of life, or cultures
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