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POL 1133 test 3

study notes

Which of the following would be true regarding capital punishment? ALL OF THE ABOVE:Texas lead the nation in execution since 1976, according to polls, Texans seem to support the use of the D.P., according to data, more Anglos are executed than any other ethnicity
which of the following most closely reflects the criminal and victim relationship? criminals and victims often know each other, criminal and victims are often from the same race or ethnic group
which of the following events could NEVER happen in a civil case? the defendant is sentenced to 5 years in prison as well as fined for his/her actions
which of the following statements most accurately describes he process of judicial selection in Texas? state judges are chose though partisan elections
how can the burden of proof in a criminal case be best described? the prosecution must prove its case by a preponderance of the evidence
"Ashley's law" was passes in 2007 what did it do? toughen laws of sexual predators
a plaintiff is known as which of the following? the party imitating the suit
a mistake committed by a trail court this is NOT serious enough to warrant a new trial because the mistake could not have affected the outcome of the original trial is known as which of the following? harmless error
An appeals court affirms the decision of a lower court . what did the appeals court to? it upheld the lower-courts decision
A Texas district court convicts a man of capital murder and sentences him to die by lethal injection. to which of the following courts would an appeal initially be taken? Texas supreme court
Which of the following courts has the power to reverse a decision of the Texas court of appeals circuit court of appeals
which of the following explains probable cause? a formal accusation charging an individual with the commission of a crime
in a civil case, the standard of proof for one party to prevail over another is by preponderance of the evidence
When was Texas' first capital punishment law enacted? 1923
In civil cases, little or no free legal assistance is available, but in bodily injury cases lawyers may be hired on contingency basis
A grand jury hearing the evidence in a criminal case decided not to remand the case to trial. What is this called? no bill
Which term is associated with the Texas bureaucracy/ administration? Hierarchical
criminal law is concerned with morality, precedents, common law, and stare' decisis
The exclusionary rule prevents which of the following? using illegally obtained evidence against a defendant
A prisoners initial appearance before a magistrate is called arraignment
a court order requiring that a prisoner be presented in person and legal cause shown for imprisonment is called writ of Habeas Corpus
the united states has approximately how many lawyers one out of 260 people
one of the most important distinctions between criminal and civil court case is the burden of proof
justice of the peace courts are authorized by city charter
Texas has how many minimum county courts? 254
the Texas Constitution and state law grants the government the authority to take a person's life , liberty, and property under appropriate circumstances
the Texas court of criminal appeals has a presiding judge and ---associate judges 8
the SBOE has cause embarrassment across the state and legislature due to their conservative and controversial views
one of the contentious facing the SBOE has been textbook revisions
the commissioner of education gets into office as a result of the governors appointment pending confirmation by the senate
the lonestar card is used by a recipient of public assistance to obtain food from a grocery store
which of the following budget categories would rank 2 in Texas funding? Health and Human Services
which of the following budget categories does Texas spend most on? education
if a juvenile is held responsible for murder, what court would hear that appeal (in Texas)? Texas supreme court
Which of the following groups of people are more likely to commit a crime? ALL OF THE ABOVE:a younger person, a poorly educated person, a male
the court that requires no qualification to be a judge is justice of the peace
courts that have original jurisdiction are district courts
of the following a felony would be theft of clothing
of the following, civil law would include/entail ALL OF THE ABOVE: class-action lawsuits, contract law, child support
Texas and ---are the only states to have two supreme courts Oklahoma
Grand juries in Texas are composed of ---members 12
what court case dealt with jury selection in Texas? Hernandez v. Texas
On what issue was the supreme court's decision in edgewood v. kirby based? inequitable funding between property-rich and property -poor school districts
the case of brown v. board of education of Topeka dealt with which of the following issues? school desegregation
the state of Texas began a massive prison construction program primarly because of a federal court ruling in which of the following cases ruiz v. estelle
smith v. allwright dealt with which of the following? white primaries
which of the following dealt with abortion? roe v. wade
what case dealt with the issue of capital punishment and its use? jurek v. texas
what case dealt with the equality of enrollment of the university of Texas law school? sweat v. painter
the court case of --- dealt within e issue of dejure' discrimination in voting grovey v. townsend
The court case dealt with the issue of private conduct among consenting adults. the outcome was celebrated by homosexual and same-sex groups in Texas bowers v. hardwick
Created by: chuckxnorrisx
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