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AP Unit 9 Civil War

When was the Civil War? 1861-1865
Where were the firsts shots of the Civil War fired? Fort Sumter
Where did General Lee (Confederacy) surrender to General Grant (Union)? Appomattox Court House, Virginia
What slave states were border states that did not secede? Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware
What happened with West Virginia? West Virginia was part of the Union. It split from Virginia in 1863. It is the only state to secede from a Confederate state.
What were the Northern advantages? More people, freed blacks (who fought for the Union), immigrant population, more supplies, more money, well established government
What were southern advantages only had to fight a defensive war (on Southern soil), difficult coastline to blockade, "king cotton" diplomacy, fighting for their way of life.
What was General Winfield Scott's plan? He was the union General who suggested the Anaconda plan- to blockade the southern ports, split it in two via the Mississippi river and squeeze it like a snake. He also wanted to take the southern capital of Richmond.
What is contraband? Illegal materials.
What was considered contraband in the Civil War? escaped slaves
Why did the war begin with a southern attack on Fort Sumter? The Union ran out of supplies at this Charleston fort. Lincoln said he would resupply them, when they attempted to deliver supplies, the southerners attacked.
What is "King Cotton" Diplomacy? The south hoped to receive foreign aid during the war because of other country's interest in the southern export of cotton.
How did the Union make most of their money? The sale of war bonds.
Who "won" the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg The Union (north)
Why did Irish-American immigrants riot in New York city? They feared that after the war, newly freed African Americans would take their jobs.
What was Lincoln's fear about emancipating the slaves too early? He was afraid he'd lose the support of the border states.
Why was Vicksburg so important? This was a devastating loss by the Confederacy. At Vicksburg, the Union gained complete control of the Mississippi River, thus dividing Confederacy in half
What amendment ended slavery? The 13th
What was Grant's strategy? to constantly attack the Confederates from all fronts (sea/land).
What was the single bloodiest day in American History? Battle of Antietam.
Created by: bnet02