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SS 11 CounterPoints

Ch 8 - French & English Relations

Maurice Duplessis Premier of Quebec from 1944-1959 and 1936-39. Devoted to Quebec nationalism. Leader of Union Nationale and wanted to maintain La Survivance. Also introduced the Quebec Fleur de Lis. Corrupt party. Kept Quebec "in the dark."
La Survivance French Canadian culture and traditiions ex. Farm, faith, and family. No higher education was usually taught and same with buisness. This idea was thought to be very important by Maurice Duplessis, he made sure that this was the case while he was ruling.
Quiet Revolution (Révolution tranquille) Period of rapid change in Quebec from 1960 to 66 under Jean Lesages' rule. It was also called "time for a change" a peaceful but dramatic movement to modernize the province. It transformed the face of Quebec.
Jean Lesage He was a lawyer and politician in Quebec, Canada. He served as Premier of Quebec from July 22, 1960, to August 16, 1966. He is the father of the Quiet Revolution and it was his job to remove the corruption left by the union national.
Maitres Chez Nous A motto of the Liberals in the 1962 election aimed to strengthen Quebec's control of its own economy. They bought out hydro companies and turned them into a large, provincially owned power monopoly known as Hydro-Quebec.
Pierre Trudeau He became P.M of Canada in 1968. Wanted to convince Quebec against seperatism. In 1969 he passed the Official Languages Act, making Canada officially bilingual.
Bilingualism Part of a commission appointed by Pearson in 1963-1970 to make Quebeckers feel at home. This meant that Canada officially had two languages (English and French).
Parti Quebecois A party that was formed by the influential cabinet minister René Lévesque in 1967. He was a former member of the Liberal party before he left to form this party. It is a party that believes that Quebec and Canada would do better if they split peacefully.
Rene Levesque Minister of the government of Quebec from 1960 to 1966. Founder of the Parti Québécois political party. Became the Premier of Quebec (1976-1985). He was the first French-Canadian political leader.
Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) 1970-Radical terrorist group in Quebec formed for separation of Quebec from Canada. They are famous terrorists who started the October Crisis
Official Languages Act 1969. Was an Act of Parliament that recognized English and French as the official languages of Canada. Pierre Trudeau's government passed the Act.
October Crisis started 1970's, by the terrorist group the FLQ.They kidnapped James Cross to try to get FLQ prisoners released.it failed so they kidnapped Pierre Laporte who was later killed. P.M Trudeau imposed "War Measures Act" to fight back terrorists
War Measures Act Suspends the rights of Canadian citizens. In the October Crisis (1970), Trudeau asked Parliament to impose the _______ against FLQ. FLQ kidnapped people like James Cross and in turn made demands for his return.
James Cross A British diplomat in Canada was kidnapped from his Montreal home on October 5 by the FLQ during the October Crisis of October 1970. In exchange for his safe release, the FLQ made several demands, ie the release of captured FLQ members.
Meech Lake Accord 1987 PM Mulroney called premiers to conference, wanted to recognize Quebec as a distinct society, and give other provinces more power. Was supported by Quebec; Pierre Trudeau argued that it would create "two solitudes" isolating the francophone's.
Sovereignty-Association A concept in which Quebec achieves more autonomy and builds a political/economic bond between the new independent state and Canada. Created by René Lévesque in 1967.
'95 referendum Premier Jaques Parizeau called for a provincial vote. On October 30 the votes were counted and the out come 49.4% for separation and 50.6 against.
The Constitution Debate In 1984 Brian Mulroney returned to the issue of constitution. In 1982 Mulroney promised to receive consent from Quebec “with humour and enthusiasm."
Quebec Referendums (1980) The first election that determined Quebec position in Canada. Lévesque proposed that Quebec will become politically independent but will maintain close economic association with Canada. 40% yes, 60% No
Brian Mulroney He was the prime minister who came into power in 1984 after Pierre Trudeau. He was a conservative leader who wanted to reach an agreement by which Quebec would sign the constitution.
The Charlottetown Accord This attempted to solve disputes over power between federal and provincial jurisdiction providing exclusive provincial jurisdiction over things such as forestry, mining and other natural resources.
Union Nationale Maurice Duplessis party. This party praised Old Quebec Traditions. Brought in "La Survivance". Also looked on Quebebc as a nation not a part of Canada.
Bill 101 Law passed by the PQ government in 1976 making French the only official language of Quebec.
Representative Democracy When citizens allow elected representatives to make decisions on their behalf
Constitutional Monarchy A government in which the king/queen has only the powers laid out in the nations constitution and laws
Mayor highest ranking municipal officer
Councillors members of the council
Lieutenant Governor government official who is deputy of a Governor, at the provincial level
Mace highly ornamented staff of metal or wood, carried before a sovereign or other high official in civic ceremonies by a bearer, intended to represent the official's authority
Shadow Cabinet The Opposition Party in the House of Commons appoints an MP to 'shadow' each of the members of the Cabinet in order to look at every aspect of the Government's work, and to be ready to take over if they win the next General Election.
Public Servants A civilian career public sector employee working for a government department or agency. Together, they form a nation's Civil Service or Public Service.
Governor General The official Queens representative in Canada, he/she has the right to allow bills at the parliament level to pass
Fascism This is an authoritarian political ideology that considers individual and other societal interests inferior to the needs of the state, and seeks to forge a type of national unity, often using a police state.
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