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Roots of Islam


Who built Ka'bah Info Abraham and Ishmael 4000 years ago shrine and for reminding of Abraham's belief in one god
Changed purpose of Kabah by arab tribes how instead of safekeeping idols they worshipped idols before honored god now idols by 500 ad there were more than 360 idols
Quraysh roles in Mecca keepers of kabah ensured safe passage of caraban prevented fighting and raiding during 500 ad
Gabriel said what at cave at mr. hira Muhammads reaction? asked to read or recite replied that did not know ho or what to read
Muhammads life months in quiet thought born in mecca father died before birth sent to live with nomads in desert returned to mom at age 5 or 6 mom dies goes to grandpa grandpa dies goes to uncle uncle dies meets khadijah khadijah proposes 1/7 kids lives fati
2nd muhammad vision gabriel took him to meet abraham moses and jesus and then took him to speak with god in heaven. confiirmed muhammads belief in one god and role as last messenger in long line of prophets sent by god
why did muhammad go with followers to medina in 633 ad been invited by people of city
630 ad muhammads army invaded mecca and city surrendered without a battle muhammad forgave everyone who opposed muslims and removed idols from the kabah
control of islam by muhammads death most of central and western coastal region of arabia was under islam control
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