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global test friday

global test friday on India And China

Ensure Social order 5 relationships father- son brother - brother husband - wife ruler - subject friend-friend humans nature s good led by moral example Confucianism
Ensure social order people were evil strict laws and harsh punishment legalism
Ensure natural order harmony w/ying and yang Daoism
Collection of confucian sayings The Analects
respect for parents filial piety
trying to transform ordinary metals into gold alchemy
in hindu belif atman
rebirth of the soul in another bodily form reincarnation
all actions of a persons life that affect their fate in the next life karma
the religious and moral duties of an individual dharma
nonviolence ahimsa
union with Braham Moska
emporer most honord Chandragupta
Chandraguptas grandson Asoka
praised the virtues of her ming Avvaiyar
The greatest Gupta poet and playwright Kalidasa
the lowest ranked outcast Untochables
immidiate family joint family
father or oldest male patriarchal
big wall built to seperate china great wall
keep up the flow of goods silk road
the complete control of a business by one person or group monopoly
wrote "lessons for women" behavior handboook Ban Zhao
who was the founder of hinduism there was no founder
in order to reach - Buddhist must commite to following the eight foled path Nirvana
- is the ribirth of the soul reincarnation
a persons esential self is called atman
people with good - are reborn at a higher level kharma
-grew out of the principale of ahimsa jainism
according to hinduism what is the ultimate goal of exsistince to achive union with braham
why do hindus belive it is important to follow the path of nonviolence all people and things are aspects of braham and should be respected
according to the budddah how do you overcome the desire for things like riches by following the eight fold path
in addition to ganing the union with the onenss of the universe what do you acheive by reaching nirvina release from the cycle of rebirth
what sect of buddihsm is easier for ordinary peple to follow Mahayana
How were the guptas and the hans alike Guota india and han china both produced a golden age in learning in which the arts and technology flourished
How did hinduism buddihsim and confuscisam create orderly solution thay all placed value on harmony duty and nonviolence
scoffed at the cofucian idea that people would follow the example of a good ruler Hanafeizi
set about restoring order and justice to his empire Lui bang
four armed God who dances the world out of existance then recreates it again shiva
peace an prosperity, advances in learning, architecture, literature. gupta dynasty
Created by: gquinones14
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