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Indian Lang Groups

Virginia Studies

What language did the Powhatan Indians speak? Algonquian
What language did the Cherokee Indians speak? Iroquoian
What language did the Monacan Indians speak? Siouan
Where did the Cherokee Indians live in Virginia? Appalachian Plateau
Where did the Monacan Indians live in Virginia? Piedmont
What tribe lived in the Piedmont region of Virginia? Monacan
Who gave the Native Americans the name "Indians"? Columbus
How do we know that Indians lived all over our state? artifacts
A potato is an artifact.(true or false) false
Arrowheads and pottery shards are examples of artifacts. true
The Algonquian language was spoken mainly in this region of Virginia. Coastal Plain
The Iroquoian language was spoken by this tribe. Cherokee
What is a word that we use to describe Virginia's climate? It means that we do not have severe weather extremes. mild
The kind of food that the Indians ate depended on the _______________ of the year. season
In the winter, Indians relied on hunting and ate a lot of ________. meat
In the spring, the Indians added berries and ___________________ to their diet. fish
In the Fall, the Indians ________________ the corn, squash, and beans that grew over the summer. harvested
The Indians used deer skins for their _________________. clothing
The Indians made their shelters from the natural ____________ around them. resources
The Indian town that was a center of trade and the headquarters of Chief Powhatan Werowocomoco
The Mattaponi and Pamunky tribes are state recognized tribes in _____________________ today. Virginia
The only current state recognized tribe in the Piedmont region is the ____________________ tribe. Monacan
These people use artifacts to study the way that people lived in the past. archaeologists
In the summer, Indians ___________ the land and planted corn, squash and beans. farmed
Corn, squash and beans are called the "Three _____________." sisters
Virginia's Indians are part of a larger group of Indians called the ___________________ Woodland Indians. Eastern
In the 1600s and before, the land here in Virginia was covered with dense ______________. forests
Christopher Columbus gave the Indians their name because he thought that he was in the ______________. Indies
He was a powerful leader who spoke Algonquian. He was known as the "Chief of Chiefs". Powhatan
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