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Middle Ages

history for mr.westricks class 11/17

Anglo Saxons Northern Germany, Southern Scandinavia, spread to Northern France and Britain
Celts Ireland and Scotland, spread to Spain, Eastern Europe,, head hunting
Franks German, Clovis-leader, Christianity
Huns from Central Asia,Attila was leader in 445 AD, went to Rome put victims heads on poles to warn others
Vandals German, Gaiseric was leader who moved to Africa, became pirates in 429AD
Vikings Scandinavia, Iceland,Britain,Greenland,NA, sailors decorated boats
Feudalism social structure, lords and vassals
Lords rulers
Vassals lords "servants"
Peasants lowest level, huts with dirt floors
Serfs slaves, bound to the lords for life, almost no rights, could become free if they ran away and stayed away for a year and a day
Primogeniture giving the land,money,and titles to the oldest son
Page 7, placed under the care of a lord or knight
Squire 13, took a consecrated sword from a bishop or priest and swore to use it for religious and honorable purposes
Chivalry the qualities idealized by knighthood:bravery, courtesy,honor, and gallantry towards women
Heraldry how you came up with and designed your families coat of arms
Castle home of kings and nobles
Keep main castle
Curtain inner and outer walls surrounding the castle
Great Hall huge multipurpose room
Solar family room
Moat water surrounding the castle to keep invaders out
Guilds group of merchants
Apprentice 13,lives with a master(2-7 years)
Journeyman mid 20's,paid to stay with master and produce masterpiece with his own materials and money
Master Craftsman after masterpiece was approved by guilds they opened their own business
Reasons for harsh punishment leaders wanted to prove they were powerful
Most common crimes stealing,treason,heresy,witchcraft,vagrancy
Brank metal cage over your head to embarrass you
Pear of anguish four leaves that slowly spread apart to rip up your mouth
Rack two rollers that were used to pull your limbs apart
Wheel tied to a wheel, every time you came back around you were hit with a hammer
Sprinkler filled with molten sliver and thrown at your face
How the church influenced daily life baptized,prayers,attended church, paid taxes,weddings, last rites,funeral services
Pope father-leader
Monks contact with people on daily basis,spread the word of the church
Nuns brides of Christ
Excommunication banned from a church or religion
Monastery home where monks lived
Scriptorium where monks copied the bibles by hand
University church schools used when the monastery ran out of room
Importance of artwork in churches most people couldn't read so the artwork told them the stories of the bible
Pilgrimages journeys made to religious places
Reasons for the crusades to win back the holy land
How the black death came to Europe fleas on rats
Symptoms swollen lymph nodes trembling coughing blood high fever
How people reacted fled to the country side converted to Christianity and didn't touch each other
Who was blamed Jewish
How it helped to end feudalism many people died, there wasn't many lords or vassals left, fewer serfs, paid serfs, more people in the cities
Created by: marge3
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