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Chapter 20 pg. 642

The Vietnam Era 1954-1975

Ho Chi Minh The most important voice demanding independence for Vietnam.
Domino Theory An idea that if Vietnam fell to communism, its closest neighbors would follow.
Dien Bien Phu Vietnam, and laid siege to it for 55 days.
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization To contain the spread of communism in Southeast Asia.
Vietcong launched an insurgency in which they assassinated gov't officials and destroyed roads and bridges.
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution To take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the U.S. and to prevent further aggression.
William Westmoreland An American commander in South Vietnam.
Napalm A jellied gasoline which was dropped in large canisters that exploded on impact, covering large areas of flames.
Hawk Were conservatives and supported Johnson's war policy.
Dove Broke Johnson's war policy.
Draftee Young men that were drafted to the military service.
Students for a Democratic Society Campaigned against race and poverty.
"Credibility Gap" An American public's growing distrust of statements made by the gov't.
Tet Offensive A coordinated assault on 36 provincial capitals and 5 major cities, as well as the U.S. embassy in Saigon.
Eugene McCarthy An antiwar candidate for the Demcratic Party nomination.
Robert Kennedy Wanted a war to divide America and drained resources away from the fights against poverty and discrimination.
Vietnamization U.S. forces would withdraw as ARVN troops assumed more combat duties.
Kent State University There were protests deaths in Ohio.
My Lai A strong Vietcong village.
Pentagon Papers A classified gov't history of America's involvement in Vietnam.
Paris Peace Accords It was agreed to a cease-fire and a U.S. troop withdraw from South Vietnam.
War Powers Act The act restricted the President's war-making powers by requiring him to consult with Congress within 48 hours of committing American forces to a foreign conflict.
Henry Kissinger A leading advisor on national security and international affairs.
Realpolitik A German meaning that means "real politics."
Zhou Enlai The Chinese leaders had problems.
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty It was known as SALT I. The treaty froze the deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles and placed limits on antiballistic missiles, but it didn't alter thestockpiling of the more dangerous multiple independent reentry vehicles.
Detente Replaced previous diplomatic efforts based on suspicion and distrust.
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