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C'est a toi 1

C'est a toi: Unité 6

un agent de police un agent de police (policeman/woman)
un avocat une avocate (lawyer)
un comptable une comptable (accountant)
un cuisinier une cuisinière (cook)
un dentist une dentiste (dentist)
un fermier une fermière (farmer)
un homme au foyer (househusband) une femme au foyer (housewife)
un homme d'affaires (businessman) une femme d'affaires (business woman)
un infirmier une infirmière (nurse)
un informaticien une informaticienne (computer specialist)
un ingénieur un ingénieur (engineer)
un journaliste une journaliste (journalist)
un médecin un médecin (doctor)
un prof une prof (abv. professor)
un professeur un professeur (professor)
un serveur (waitor) une serveuse (waitress)
un coiffeur une coiffeuse (hairdresser)
un, une, and des become __, __ in any negative sentence. de, d'
un, une, and des don't change after a form of the verb ___ is used. être
quel (which or what s.) quelle
quels (which or what. pl) quelles
C'est/Ce sont/ ce n'est pas -All used when noun in modified by an article
C'est C' .... singular
Ce sont C' .... plural
C'est = _____ negative ce n'est pas
il/elle est & ils/elles sont He/she is & They are
Capitilized? a noun nationality (C'est)
Not capitalized? adjective of nationality (Il est)
Geometrical shape of France hexagon
Purpose of EU to promote economic growth of its members
3 other European countries that can speak French Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland
3 mountain ranges located in eastern part of France Les Alpes, Les Vosges, le Jura
Small principality located in southern part of France Monaco
Why food in Southern France is unique Has Italian flavor; tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic... etc.
Two important French posts Marseilles et Bordeaux
Responsible for France's moderate climate Gulf Stream, or le mistral
Why the English channel is called La Manche because it narrows from the Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea like a shirt sleeve
why the french are proud to be associated with former provinces pride in art, architecture, food, dialects
France is often called la Belle France
le Massif Cetral mountains in central France
l'hiver Winter
l'été Summer
l'automne Autumn
le printempts Spring
Il fait beau it is nice
What is the weather? Quel temps fait-il?
Il fait chaud. It is warm
il fait froid it is cold
il fait frais it is cool, fresh
il fait mauvais it is bad
il fait du soleil it is sunny
il neige it is snowing
il fait du vent it's windy
il pleut it's raining
les températures temperatures
based on hundredths or thousandths celcius
0 C = 32 F
100 C = 212 F
les vélos bicycles
les scooters scooters (teenagers find them economical, easy to park, simple to operate, easy to get around traffic with)
age to operate a scooter 14
another requirement to operate a scooter (2) -special license and license plate
used when talking about participating in activities, prices, what weather is like (a verb) faire
si so
Chenonceux and Chambord two castles in the Loire Valley
Loire University attracts students because intellectual and cultural life
minimum age for full time job in France 18
official work week in France 35 hours
beginning/ end of work day 8-9am, 5 pm.
people salaried for 12 months are given how many weeks of vacay? 6 weeks
salaried employees must be paid for how many holidays annually? 11 holidays
English Channel, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea border France
small departéments french government division
minimum age to ride a scooter 14
Someone's nationality? Il est
Where from? Tu viens d'où?
Profession? Il est
To invite someone Tu veux
C'est porquoi That's why
Quelle chance what luck
He is from Chilliwack. Il est de Chilliwack.
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