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Pilates Mat

Mat Basic

Abduction A sideways motion away from Sagittal Midline of the Body occuring in the Coronal Plane
Adduction A sideway motion toward the sagittal midline of the body occuring in the Coronal Plane
Supination A form of rotation specific to the forearm or foot .Forearm supination occurs in the tranverse plane,when the distal end of the radius. Roll out ankle
Alignment form Narrowing the disparity between the body strenghts and weakness to achieve greater funtional strenghts
Extension Straigthen ,Elogation or an increase in the angle of joint occurs in the Sagital plane. Posterior to the anatomical position
Articulation MOdility of a joint between 2 bones. We are most concerned about the articulation of the spine that sequental spinal mobility in all planes of movements.
Integration The combo or consoladation of the muscusketal system full body integration is required most advanced Pilates. Foundation principals method.
Acromian Process A projection bone lateral edge of the scapula's spine which connects with clavicle to form the acromian clavical
Multifidi Also known as singular usage multifi;the originate at the sacrum tranverse process of C3 through L5 insert at the spinous process 24 vert. Stability also assits spinal extension and contra-lateral opposite rotation
Rectus Abdominis they assist in abdominal compression and flexion of the spine
External Obliques they assit in flexion when activated bilaterally side bending when activated unilaterally and controlateral rotation
Transversus Abdominal Fibers run laterally around the trunk and work to decrease diameters of abdominal compressions increase lordosis lumbar spine it stabilizer of the trunk
Circumduction A rotation or circular movement of a bone within joint (hip and Shoulder)envolving flexors,extensors adductors and abductors plane of movements
Lateral Away from the median (sagittal)plane
Differentiation Ability to stabilize fix the bone on one side of a joint while mobilizing the bone on the other side =Scapula-humeral differentiation movement of the humerus within shoulder print while maintaining scapular stability
Sagittal Plane Divides the body into symmetrical right and left halves Flexion and Extension
Coronal Plane Divides the body Anterior and posterior planes :movements Adduction,Abduction,Lateral flexion,Side bending
Transverse Plane Divides body into superior and inferior parts movements: Rotation and horizontal adductions /Abduction
Name the Four Core Muscles 1.Transversus Abdominals 2.Pelvic Floor 3.Multifidi 4.Diaphragm
Supine Laying on your backfluid
Proximal Closer to the trunk or major joint
Prone laying on your stomach
Flexion Bending Folding or curving movements of the joint Accurs in Sagittal plane anterior to the anatominal position Flexion -Spine-Hip and shoulder-Foot-Back
Stabilization Building strength in stabilizers of the pelvis,spine,shoulder(Major joints) Central idea of pulling limbs into torso adbominals into spine box concepts
Dynamic Flowing Movement Exercising with a sense of rhythum and flow which creates fluid functional coordinated movents Move to fast PROPRIOCEPTORS cannot absorb into quick enough to interpret and improve movements patterns or move to slow Proprioceptors do not receive
Circumduction A rotation or circular movement of a bone within joint(hip and shoulder)envolving flexors extensors,adductors and abductors-plane of movents
Total Body Integration Whole body experience when exercising every exercise becomes total body movement benefiting muscular skeletal and respiratory system at once the true manifestation of pilates Synergy,mind,Body and Spirit
Rotation Motion around a central axis occurring the tranverse plane , spiraling either inward or outward from center
Differentiation Ability to stabilize the bone (fix)on one side of a joint while mobilizing the bone on the other side
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