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AHSGE Objective III

American Revolution

What act of colonial protestation resulted in the Coercive (Intolerable) Acts being passed by the British parliament? Boston Tea Party
What document document was sent to King George III as a final attempt at peace by the colonists in 1775? Olive Branch Petition
What American colonist gave the famous speech stating. "give me liberty or give me death?" Patrick Henry
Who served as the commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War? George Washington
Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty? Samual Adams
Who made the famous ride warning colonists that the "Redcoats were coming"? Paul Revere
What battle was the turning point in the Revolutionary War (resulting in France becoming our ally)? Saratoga
Where was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War (Cornwallis surrendered to Washington)? Yorktown
What was the treaty called which gave the U.S. its independence from Great Btitain? Treaty of Paris 1783
The U.S. fought the British again in what war? War of 1812
What law was passed by Jefferson that disallowed trade with ither nations (including British) and led to te War of 1812? Embargo Act
What term was used to describe the British navy forcing Americans into service? Impressment
What ordinance was passed in 1785 that divided territory in the old Northwest? Northwest Ordinance
What action allowed Jefferson to double the size of the U.S. in 1803? Louisiana Purchase
Who did Jefferson hire to explore the west? Lewis & Clark
The post-War of 1812 years were called what (because of prosperity, one political party, etc.)? Era of Good Feelings
What year did Alabama become a state? 1819
What congressional argeement allowed Missouri to become a slave state? Missouri Compromise
What famous speech outlined American foreign policy in 1823? Monroe Doctrine
What law forced the five civilzed tribes of the southeast to evacuate? (Jackson's tenure) Indian Removal Act
What event resulted in the Cherokees marching at gunpoint from GA to OK (1838)? Trail of Tears
List four major trails used by settlers in the Western part of the U.S. Santa Fe. Oregon. Mormon, California
Describe the northern economy before the Civil War. Balanced: industial and agricultural
Describe the southern economy before the Civil War. Agriculture mainly cotton
What country did Texas gain its independence from in 1836? Mexico
What was the U.S. fight Mexico (Mexican War) in 1846-1848? Land acquisition (California and New Mexico Territories)
What famous meeting in 1848 called for women to demand greater equality and opportunity in the U.S.? Seneca Falls Convention
Who hosted this convention? Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
What white abolitionist from Massachusetts produced The Liberator? William Lloyd Garrison
What black abolitionist from Maryland produced The North Star? Frederick Douglass
What was the purpose of the Underground Railroad? To aid the escaped slaves
What black woman used the Underground Railroad to help liberate hundreds of slaves? Harriet Tubman
During the reform period of the 1830's and 1840's much to the public called for abstinence from what? alcohol cansumption
What woman led reform in prisons in the U.S.? Dorothea Dix
Who led reform in education in the 1800's? Horace Mann
What were the communities called which tried to make a "perfect society"? Utopian Communities
Who founded the Mormon faith? Joseph Smith
Who led the Mormons to Utah? Brigham Young
What War of 1812 battle resulted in the protection of Baltimore and Francis Scott Key's inspiring "Star Spangled Banner"? Ft. McHenry
What War of 1812 battle did Jackson defeat the Creek Indians in AL? Horseshoe Bend
What War of 1812 battle did Jackson defeat the British after a truce was called? New Orleans
Which Supreme Court case (under Marshall) ruled that the national bank was in fact constitutional? McCulloch v. Maryland
Which Supreme Court case (under Marshall) insured that the national government controlled interstate commerce? Gibbons v. Ogden
What president gets credit for establishing the spoils system? Andrew Jackson
South Carolina's attempt to void the Tariff of 1832 was called the... Nullification Crisis
Created by: debistover
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