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Airline Terminology1

Transportation Airline Terminology

AFT Tail section of an aircraft
Airborne entirely free from contact with ground and is in the air
Excess baggage weight of baggage in excess of free baggage allowance
boarding point orgin point - city where passenger boards the plane
book to reserve accomodations
booking accomodation held by a passenger
buffer zone an area on the ramp which is used to service the aircraft
bulkhead a wall in the cabin of the aircraft separates first class from from general boarding passengers
carrier code 2 letter abbreviation that represents an airline
deadheading any flight personnel traveling to another point of orgin as a passenger to begin a return for flight duty
deplane term used to describe passengers leaving the aircraft
destination final point of a cheduled flight
direct flight makes one or more intermediate stops between orgin and destination, but passenger does not change planes
downline description of the cities or stops of a flight route as they appear in chronological order from the point of orgin
dupe abbreviation for duplicate reservation or seating
enplane term used to denote passengers boarding the aircraft
extra section an aircraft in addition to the regularly scheduled one, that is used to accommodate surplus passengers and cargo (during holiday seasons)
ferry flight the transfer of an aircraft, empty of passengers, from one point to another
first available closest accomodation that can be confirmed when a passenger's first choice is unavailable
flight information aka FLIFO - status of an aircraft's performance during its scheduled flight
flight leg the in-flight segment between stops
forward the front portion of an aircraft
gross weight total weight of an aircraft prior to departure (passengers, cargo, fuel, supplies, etc.)
ground power unit "GPU" a portable device used by ramp agents to provide power to the aircraft while the engines are shut down
ground time to describe the amount of time an aircraft and crew spends on the ground between flights
grounded an aircraft unable to take off
holding flight that is waiting to take off or land from an airport
inbound passengers of flights coming into an airport
interline use of 2 or more airlines to transport a passenger to destination
intermediate stop any city where a flight stops between its originating and terminating point
jetway an enclosed tunnel-like passageway between the airplace and the terminal gate area
jump seat extra crew seat on the flight deck on an airplane used by a flight crew member
leo law enforcement officer that assits in enforcing rules in/around airport
loading bridge another term used to describe a jetway
off-line station a city not served by an airline on a scheduled basis
on-line station city served by an airline on a regularly scheduled basis
outbound a flight leaving an airport
port the left side of an aircraft
ron "Remains Over Night" refers to an aircraft that will remain at a particular gate for a scheduled departure the next morning.
routing the passenger's itinerary on a reservation
scheduled air service any airline company that is listed in the official airline guide, and has an assigned 2 letter operating code
SIDA "Security Identification Display Area" a restricted area within the airport for employees only
stand-by passengers a passenger who has no confirmed reservation
stopover an interruption of a journey, by a passenger, agreed to in advance by the carrier, to a point between the place of orgin and destination
taxi the movement of an aircraft either proceeding to the runway for take-off or proceeding to the terminal after landing
termination area where a flight makes its last stop
through passenger passenger that is continuing their trip through an intermediate stop to their final destination
TSA "Transportation Security Administration"
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
Hub and Spoke a system that an airline uses to move passengers and cargo efficiently between the cities it serves. Each airline has a "hub" (main city that is used to base its operations). "Spoke" (connecting flights to other cities)
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