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Stack #76300

Gideonv. Wainwright (1963) Granted indigents the right to counsel.
(blank) Federal defendents must be provided with an attorney at the states expense if one the defendent cannot afford it.
a speedy and public trial with an impartial jury. The accused has the right to know what crime they are charged with and to have witnesses for their defense 6th Amendment
what are the two types of trial? civil trial and criminal trial
criminal trial the state/county/city brings a charge(s) against one or more defendants. A prosecutor represents presents the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty as charged. the prosecutor has the burdent of proof.
What system does the criminal trial use? the adversary system
what does the 6th amendment provide? an attorney/ the right to counsel (right was guaranteed by Gideon v. Wainwright)
what good is an attorney? can ensure that the defendant is treated fairly.
what is meant by information is privileged attorney may not reveal that his defendant is guilty, even in court What % of all cases go to trial? lessthanten
Created by: trrbms-09