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Ch4 MeganS

Writing the Constitution

The Magna Carta A document signed by King John in 1215, made the king subject to law & gave more rights to the people.
Influence of the Magna Carta on the Constitution Lowered power of the cheif exevutive & gave more rights to the poeple. The delagates liked this.
Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom This document declared that no person could be forced to attend a particular church or be required to pay for a church with tax money.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787: Slavery Banned the new states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, MInnesota, and Wisconsin.) from slavery.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787: Adding New States Once the new states population reached 1,000 they could ask to be in the union.
Purpose of the Land Ordinance of 1775 and Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Land Ordinance of 1775: Land was split up & divided so it was easier to negociate. Northwest Ordinance of 1787: Made it so these new states could eventually join the union.
How Land was Divided Under the Land Ordinance of 1775 The land was split into townships, which were 36 square miles divided into 36 lots of 640 acres each. Some lots were reserved for public schools and vetrens.
Major Influences on the U.S. Constitution The Mayflower Compact(1620), Virginia Statue of Religous Freedom(1786), Magna Carta(1215), The English Bill of Rights(1689), and the Enlightment(1700's)
How the Articles of Confederation Refelcted the Ideas in the Declaration of Independance. The colonists didn't want to repeat the problems they had in England so when they wrote the Declaration they were all fed up. As they were writing the Articles of Confederation they refelcted on how angry they were and that showed them the need of change.
Significance of the Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederations showed the colonist that they must give up some of their rights to have a successful country. After all their economic troubles they new they needed a stronger central government.
Main Cause of Shay's Rebellion Debt farmers were landownes that had to pay high taxes. Daniel Shays got a group of angry farmers and they all revolted against the taxes and vandilized the courts. This shows the people's power in the U.S.A.
U.S. Government respond to Shay's Rebellion State troops put most rebels in prison, some were sentenced to death. State soon freed most of the rebels(Shays).
American citizen's response to Shays's rebellion State officials knew that many citizens of the states agreed with the rebels and their cause.
Significance of Shay's rebellion With the taxes america was becoming just like Britan. But Shay's rebellion showed that the people had a voice & power.
Main features of the Articles of Confederation No cheif executive, laws needed approval by 9 of the 13 states, Congress didnt have the power to tax, draft an army, settle disputes among states, or collect debts. No national court system and amendments had to be approved by all 13 states.
Problems with Britan After the Revolution Very angry, threatened colonies & closed trade with itself & West Indies.
Problems with Spain After the Revolution Closed trade on the south of the Mississippi
Purpose of the Constitutional Convention Since the Articles were causing serious economic issues, delegates from all states met to create a constitution.
Virginia Plan Central government could overturn state laws. lower house representation would be determined by population. Sovereighty to central government. Edmund Randolph.
New Jersey Plan Called for a unicameral, or one house legislture. This plan gave each state an equal number of votes, thus equal voice in federal government.
The Great Compromise Resolved the representation issue by providing a two-house congress where equal representation would be in the Senate. House of Reps, was determined by population
North vs. South disagreement over slavery at the Constitutional Convention Northern states saw that slavery was wrong and banned it in their states and beleieved that no state should have it. However the southern states's economy was based on plantations & the labor on them (slaves)
Three-Fifths Compromise Under this agreement, when determining states populations, slaves only counted as 3/5 of a person.
Popular Sovereignty The idea that political authority belongs to the people.
Federalism Sharing the power between central government and the states that make up the country.
Purpose of Checks and Balances in the Government Keeps any branch of government from becoming too powerful.
How the Constitution reflected the ideas of the Declaration of Independance. The didnt want a repeat of King George III and so they created a three branched ogvernment based on the poeple. They stated all the things they didnt like in the Dec. of Independance and showed that they were possible in the Constitution
Powers of the National Government ("delagated" powers) -Powers the National Government -Declare war -Negociate Treaties -Issue money -Regulate trade -Runs the military
Power of the State Governments ("reserved" powers) -Regulate education -Grant Licenses -Provides police&fire protection -Regulate sale of property within the state.
Shared Powers between National and State Governments ("concurrent" powers) -Levy taxes -Court systems that defines crimes and punishment -Determine voting qualifications
Federalists & their arguemet FOR the Constitution They thought the constitution offered a good balnce of power.
Antifederalits & their arguements AGAINST the constitution Wanted a Bill of Rights that stated their rights & didn't like how much power central government had.
The Federalist Papers Essays supporting the Consitution that were annoynimously published under the name, Publis. They reassured Americans that the new federal gpvernment wouldn't overpower the states.
The Bill of Rights- What is it AND how does it reflect the ideas in the Declaration of Independance. The first ten amendments that stated the basic rights of people. In the Dec. of indapendance The colonists wanted freedom and rights, so they had to add these things into the constitution
Reasons the Constitution is still in use after 200 years. The constitution is still in use because it grants us freedom and rights without having a evil monarchy.
Created by: MeganStandifer
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