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Child Study Guide2

childhood disabilities, including visual perception, sensory

discrimination matching the same object; detect features to recognize, match and categorize
memory remembering visual input; look at pic, then find it on next page
spatial relations space perception; how objects relate to oneself or others; ability to find DIFFERENCES; mature by 10
form constancy object perception; recognize objects as the same in various environments, sizes and positions - smaller, bigger, darker, turned or upside down (mature by 9)
sequential memory recalling objects IN ORDER (similar to visual memory, but remembering more than one item in a certain order)
figure ground foreground vs. background; find "hidden" objects; mature by 6-7
Where's Waldo is an example of... figure ground
closure recognizing forms from incomplete pictures
dot to dot is an exmaple of closure
tracing is an example of closure
What areas of function would typically be evaluated in occupational therapy? self care, gross motor, fine motor, sensory, others????
visual perception is... the total process responsible for reception and cognition of visual stimuli -- how bring perceives what its eyes see -- not vision alone
What activities do decreased visual perceptual skills affect? reading, writing, puzzles or art
decrease in visual scanning may affect reading
decrease in tracking affects writing
activity for visual memory concentration, sequence games
activity for closure fillin missing pictures, mazes, dot to dot
activity for figure ground crossword, I spy, where's waldo
activity for spatial relations 3D block designs, pegs, parquetry, mosaic grid, graph
activity for writing perceptual vibration pencil, lined paper, color lines, easel, graph paper, finger space
Define sensory integration the ability of our central nervous system to take in sensory input, filter out the unnecessary stuff, organize it and provide a functional response to that input
Created by: ota2012
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