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Expansion to Civil W

Bloodiest single day of Civil War Antietam
Battle with the most casualties on both sides Gettysburg
Battle that gives Lincoln the justification for the Emancipation Proclamation Antietam
Confederate victory then Union victory Chickamauga
Confederate prison camp Andersonville
Military plan designed to split the south in half and squeeze the Confederacy to death Anaconda Plan
Military plan designed to obstruct southern ports Blockade
Plan to cause destruction from Atlanta to Savannah Total War
Direct result of or the reaction to one of the North's military strategies Blockade runners/Raider ships
What allowed states to determine slave status by vote in the state? Kansas Nebraska Act
This is the concept that the nation should spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific Manifest Destiny
Cyrus McCormick invented the Mechanical Reaper
The end of a railroad is a Terminus
Sequoyah created this the Cherokee's first alphabet Syllabary
Chief McIntosh did this and it led to his death Signed away the last of Creek land in Georgia
This event is what led to the Supreme Court case Worcester v. Georgia The U.S. government passed a law requiring all whites living on indian land to take an oath
Gold was discovered in this Georgia city and led to the systematic removal of indians from the state. Dahlonega
What was the Trail of Tears? The removal of Cherokee to the indian territory.
What was New Echota? The Cherokee capital
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What was the Rules and Regulations? Georgia's first constitution.
What were the provisions of the Articles of Confederation? Unicameral Legislature, Congress can't levy taxes, each state has an equal vote
When was the Declaration of Independence signed? August 2, 1776
What was the result of the Great Compromise? Two houses, the Senate and the House were created
What were the provisions of the State Consitution of 1777? Eight counties, a governor with a one year term and three branches of government
What was the result of Abraham Baldwin's vote at the Consitutional Convention? The Great Compromise
Darien was home to what group of early settlers? Highland Scots
Ebenezer was home to what group of people? The Salzburgers
Slavery was the focused desire of which group of people? Malcontents
What three cities are lovated along the fall line? Columbus, Macon, Augusta
The Woodland indians were the first to use what? Bow and Arrow
The Archaic indians are the first to use what? Pottery
The first group of natives Oglethorpe met were the Yamacraw
The Paleo indians were the first group of people to do what? Cross Berengia
What was the purpose of the Spanish Missions? To convert natives and provide defense
What protects the Georgia coastline from erosion caused by storms and winds? Barrier Islands
Kaolin can be found in what area of Georgia? The Fall Line
What states share a border with Georgia? Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida
Created by: Jessica Hughes