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Ch. 19 - 22

The Pageant of World History Ch.19 -22 Vocabulary

bourgeoisie middle class
cahier list of complaints, grievances, and criticisms
pain d'egalite equality bread, used to create more equality among the French
coup d'etat revolution where government is suddenly overthrown
dictator ruler with absolute power and authority
plebiscite vote by direct ballet on a politcal issue
liberalism philosophy that supports and guarantees freedom, political change, and social reform
conservatism philosophy that supports the traditional political and social order and resists change
ecomienda system of labor where Indian serfs were bound to the land
asiento special trading privilege granted by the king
creole person of Spanish descent born in the colonies
mestizos person of mixed blood, spanish and indian
abdicate to abandon the throne
confederation loose association of states in which each is practically independent and the central government has limited powers
suffrage the right to vote
nationality group of people who share a common history, belief, and custom but do not neccessarily have their own country
federalism government where power is divided among state and national governments
secede to formally withdraw
domestic system production of goods in the BARRIO
factory system production with the use of large mechanical machines in the factory
corporation business in which shares of stock are sold to fund the startup
dividend share of the company's profits
labor union group of workers who demand better pay and conditions
socialism system in which society owns all businesses
communism form of socialism where the state owns all land and means of production
anarchism opposition to any government at all
atom tiny particles discovered by John Dalton
evolution the change of organisms over time, thought of by Darwin
romanticism movement that = feeling and emotions and love of nature, beauty, and liberty
realism movement where everything is portrayed as it really is
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