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Government 200


What are the facts for Lemon v Kurtzman? The Gov.. is giving religious school money for secular subjects, a tax payer brought lawsuit against the program worried about funding for religion because he said the school is using money saved on religious programs
What are lemon three prongs test? And what are the three Cannot violate any of these; 1. Secular purpose, 2. Primary purpose; neither advance nor prohibited religion; 3.Does not create excessive entanglement between government and religion.
Romans to Christians? Attacks on Judaism, seen monotheism as a threat and cult, Converted to christianity because of Constantine and became official language of Rome.
Middle ages? Conflict to decide who is the voice of God; Pope v. King, Crusades to regain the holy land; were extremely violent
What is and what happen in the inquisitions in Spain? They were cleansing of heretic; jews and muslims killed, jews were common scapegoats, stood out so targeted
Science and Religion? Galileo said that the center of the universe was the sun and that conflicted with what the church said to be the earth, Catholic churches tried to control thoughts by banning books which resulted in everyone wanting them
Reformation? Stated with the church selling indulgences, and being corrupted, Began by Martin Luther
Who are Mary
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