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Chapter 18 pg. 578

The Civil RIghts Movement 1945-1975

De Jure Segregation Strict seperation of races that was imposed by a law.
De Facto Segregation Segregation by unwritten custon or tradition, was a fact of life.
Thurgood Marshall An African American lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, headed the legal team that mounted this challenge.
Brown v. Board of Education The NAACP mounted a broader challenge to segregate public education at all grade levels.
Earl Warren A decision that was made for the Court Justice.
Civil Rights Act of 1957 Civil Rights forces emjoyed a small victory.
Rosa Parks An African American steamstress, boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and sat down in an empty seat.
Montgomery Bus Boycott Prepared a segregation challenge.
Martin Luther King, Jr. A Baptist minister and had inspirational speeches that brought audiences to him.
Sit-in Racial things the whites have done that they weren't suppose to.
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Created grass-roots movement that involved all classes of African Americans in the struggle to defeat white racism and to obtain equality.
Freedom Ride Segregates the whites and blacks where to sit on transportations.
James Meredith An Air Force veretan who sought to enroll at the all-white University of Mississippi.
Medgar Evers Won a federal court case that ordered the University to desegregate.
March of Washington Took place on March 28th, 1963. A demonstration that happened with tons of people.
Filibuster A tatic where senators give long speeches to hold up legislative businesses.
Civil Rights Act of 1964 The act banned segregation in public accomidations and gace federal gov't the ability to compel state and local school boards to desegregate their schools.
Freedom Summer A major campaign.
Fannie Lou Hamer One of the MFDP's leaders, gave powerful testimony.
Voting Rights Act The act banned literacy tests and empowered the federal gov't to oversee voting registration and elections in states that had discriminated against minorities.
Twenty-Fourth Amendment It banned the poll tax, that kept poor African Americans from voting.
Kerner Commision A long-term racial discrimination stood as the single most important cause of violence.
Malcolm X A well-known African American radical.
Nation of Islam A religious sect headed by Elijah Muhammad.
Black Power Encouragement for blacks to vote.
Black Panthers Organized armed patrols of urban neighborhoods to protect people from police abuse.
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