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History SG bearsden

World War 1

Discribe Britain in 1890 Britain;Army-small but could call on the support of countries in the British Empire Navy-Largest merchant fleet and largest navy in the world. Empire-largest over sea empire Industry-highly industrilized
Discribe Germany in 1890 Germany;Army-one of the largest in Europe Navy-large navy Empire-quite small Industry-similar to Britain
Discribe France in 1890 France;Army-large Navy-large Empire-second largest Industry-just behind Britain and Germany
Discribe Russia in 1890 Russia;Army-largest out of all the countries but not very good weapons Navy-small Empire-No overseas empire Industry-not many factorise mainly farming
Discribe Austria-Hungary in 1890 Austria-Hungary;Army-small Navy-small Empire-no overseas empire Industry-small and undeveloped but not as bad as Russia
What were the Main causes of tenision before out break of war? Militarism-wantig to build up your army, at this time all the (e.g. the arms race, and the naval arms race between Britain and Germany)
What were the mAin causes of tenision before out break of war? Alliance- at this point in time Europe was split by two main alliance, The Triple Alliance between Germany,Austria-Hungary and Italy and The Triple Entente between Britain, France and Russia
What were the maIn causes of tenision before out break of war? Imperialism-the desire to conquer colonies, especially in Africa (scambel for Africa). This brought the powers into conflict - especially Germany, which wanted an empire, against France and Britain, which both already had empires.
What were the maiN causes of tenision before out break of war? Nationalism - the belief that your country is better than others. Serb nationalism opposed the Austro-Hungarians who wanted to take over Serbia.
Who was assassinated on the 28th of June 1914 in Sarajevo? Archduke Franz Ferdinand, hier to the austro-Hungarian throne
Who was he assassinated by and why? Gavrilo Princip was in the Bosnain nationalist group the Black Hand which was trained by a Serbian colonel, Colonel Apis.They wanted Bosnia to join with them in a large slav nation (Panslavism) but Bosnia had been taken by Austria-Hungary
What was sent to Serbia by Austria-Hungary? Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the assassination so they sent her an ULTIMATUM witha 48 hour time limit. Serbia exepted 8 out of the 10 demands but Austria-Hungary still declared war
How was Germany brought into the war? Germany sent Austria-hungary a blank check which ment that what ever desision AH made Germany would support her in it
How was Russia brought into the war? Russia wanted to gain more influence in the Balkans, when AH and Germany declared war Russia mobilised her army on Austrian and German borders
What was Germany's plan for the war? The Schlieffen Plan-Get into France through Belgium. Capture Paris with in 6 weeks, then attack Russia as they believed it would take Russia longer to mobilize there army.
Why did it fail? Belgium put up a greater fight than expected to the invation and it only took Russia 6 weeks to mobalize. This meant Germany was now fighting a war on two fronts.
What were the main feeling towards the war of the people in the main powers? (Britian,France,Germany)? people were very patriotic and saw it as a chance for their country to prove themselves but some people were opposed to the war.
What is a War of attrition? wearing down the enemy
What was sentry duty? the watch or guard kept by a soldier
Why did the trench system come about? becuase the soldiers felt that they needed to shelter from the weight and thefirepower of the weapons being used in the war.
What was the daily routine of a soldier in the trenches? sentry duty, trench maintenance and weapon cleaning.
Why was disease a problem in the trenches? there was a lack of proper toilets and the weather made matters worse. Soldiers suffered from trench foot, frostbite and dystentry. There was also the fact that the had very poor diets.
Why was weather a problem in the trenches? in the heat the trenckes baked and the was very little place to escape the sun. In the winter the ground froze and in the rain the trenches were full of black oily mud
Why were snipers a problem? the enemy picked off soldiers who were careless, this cause large amounts off stress for the soldiers, knowing that they could be shot at any momment
Why was noise a problem? the enemy often fired shells for days at a time, this meant a lack of sleep for the soldiers
What could soldiers be executed for in WW1? cowardice, sleeping on duty, deserting or failing to obey orders.
Name 3 poor condisions in the trenches? (any 3 from this list) Cold, wet, muddy, hard to sleep, poor diet, rats and lice, not proper toilets.
Why were rats and lice a problem for soldiers? Rats fed off of the soldiers food and the dead bodies. Since the trenches were so dirty soldiers rarly got to wash their clothes, so they became infested with lice.
what new technology came in during the first world war? Chlorine and Mustard gas,the Bolt Action rifle,Zeppelins,Tanks,Heavy artilery,Machine guns.
Why was gas unsuccessful in the war? the wind could blow the gas back into your trench, both sides quickly developed gas masks.
What were the affects of Chlorine and Mustard gas? Chlorine-caused choking and damaged lung tissue. Mustard-caused burns, blisters and loss of sight.
How was the home front effected by the war? Zepplins were used to bomb cites and break moral, prieces of food rose, German u-boats destroyed ships bringing food to britain, women had to leave their children and go to work
How was the German home front effected? Sensorship, loss of morale, women's war work, propaganda, conscription, rationing, hardly any food people became malnrished, substitute food introduced (chestnut flour and clover meal)
What was the turnip winter? The winter of 1916-17 when most of the crops failed in germany and many people were forced to live off of turnips and potatos
Give 2 reasons for Germany losing the war? America joined the war,they were fighting on 2 fronts,lose of moral,food shortages,Kaiser became very unpopular was forced to abdicate,lack of resources,failure of german counter offensive spring 1918
Who reprsented France and Britain at the Treaty of Versailles? What did each country want? France-Georges Clemenceau-Wants Germany to be punished and made to suffer.Wants to make her too weak to invade France again. Britain-David Lloyd George-Wants to punish Germany but not so much that Britain can't trade with her.
Who represented America at the Treaty of Versailles? What did America want? Woodrow Wilson-Thinks Germany should be punished.Countries should be able to rule themselves. No more old alliances.Wants league of nations to solve international disputes
What was the purpose of Woodrow Wilson's 14 points? A way of insuring peace,a program to help shape modern international relations ending the 'old world' diplomacy which had led to war and to establish self-determination
How was Germany's land affected by the treaty? Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France, lost all her colonies, Rhineland demilitarised, The Saar (industrial area) given to France for 15 years
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