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Missouri Constitutio

Missouri Constitution

The right to vote Suffrage
Complete release with forgiveness given only by a chief executive. Pardon
Favoritism toward a relative. Nepotism
Writing something untruthful that hurts a persons reputation. Libel
The well being Welfare
A person who owns part of a corporation Shareholder
Companies that offer a service that all people need such as electricity. Utilities
A good reason to believe that something is true. Probable Cause
Chief executive postpones or delays punishments. Reprieve
One over half Quorum
Saying something untruthful that hurts a persons reputation. Slander
Lewd or immoral acts Licentiousness
No party affiliation. Nonpartisan
Less serious crime punished by fine or jail Misdemeanor
Serious crime punishable by prison or death. Felony
The town where the county government is located. County seat
Missouri Legislative body General assembly
TO swear or promise affirmation
City or county law makers Board of Alderman
Certificates representing money the government has borrowed from private citizens. Bond
Required or mandated. Compulsory
A large meeting Convention
The returning of a criminal to the state the crime occurred Extradition
Written witness account. Deposition
Group of 12 Missouri citizens who decide if there is enough evidence to indict or charge a person with a crime Grand Jury
A change or addition to a constitution. Amendment
Chief Executive reduces sentences given by a court. Commutation
Representatives or people sent to attend a meeting Delegates
Official Document state the rights and responsibilities a county has. Charter
The line of succession is the order of officials who may replace the governor.
How many houses is Missouri's General Assembly made up of? 2
The final step in amending the state Constitution is the approval by a majority of the people voting on the amendment.
The Missouri Constitution is divided into 13 Articles
Missouri's General Assembly has 197 members
The General Assembly can override a Governor's veto with a 2/3 vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate
This executive department provides treatment, care, education and training for the mentally ill. Department of Mental Health
Missouri has had how many constitutions? 4
Missouri's state government is divided into 3 branches
This executive department is concerned with the conservation and management of our natural resources. Department of Conservation
This executive department certifies Missouri teachers and oversees public schools Department of Public Education
Three types of MIssouri Courts. Circuit, Appeals, Supreme
What are the profits from the state lottery to be used for? Public Education
The 4 qualifications for a Missouri voter. At least 18, a U.S. citizen, Missouri resident, registered.
3 Qualifications for House of representative member At least 24, 2 years voter registration, 1 year in district
3 Qualifications for Senate member. At least 30, 3 years voter registration, 1 year in district
3 Qualifications for Governor/Lt. Governor At least 30, 15 years U.S. citizen, 10 years in Missouri
The purpose of the Legislative branch is to make laws
The purpose of the Executive branch is to enforce laws
The purpose of the Judicial branch is to judge and interpret laws
What is the state flower? Hawthorn
What is the state tree? Dogwood
What is the state nut? Black Walnut
What is the state song? Missouri Waltz
What is the state nickname? "The Show-Me State"
What is the state motto? "Let the Welfare of the People be the Supreme Law."
What is the state bird? Bluebird
What is the state insect? Honeybee
Created by: ej01706
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