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PAC Groups that take advanage in loopholes in campaign fiance
FEC Federal Election Commission, goverenment group foreces the Federal Election Company
Media Cordinatior Responciable for getting the campaign message to the greatest #
Redistric drawing new boarderies for leg. districts
Soft money Money given to a political party instead of a canidate
Hard money Money donatied to an induvidual Campaignee
Negitive campaigning Attach on an oppent during political campignee
Platform stand on important issues and parties general principal
Part buliding voting reg. drives, and tv adds supportinh parties principles
Stump speeches Standing speech that conidates give during a political compaign
Poll Watchers Volunteers that go to the polls to make sure they are run fairly
Swing states States where suppost for each canidate om upcoming election is about equal
527 Tax exempy organization created to influence an election
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