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When was the age of exploration late 1400's
Prince Henry was from where? Portugal
Marco Polo explored where and when? Far east, 1271-1295
Prince Henry hoped that sailing would bring him what? adventure, fame, fortune
Marco Polo was born when and where? 1254, Venice
Marco Polo went with who to go where? his uncle and father, Cathay (China)
Why did they go to China? they wanted the silk, porcelain, jade, spices, and gold china had.
THE SILK ROAD DEF.: a series of interconnecting routes that stretched about 4000 miles across the continent of Asia.
It took the Polos's how many years to reach china? 3 1/2
Kublai Khan gave the Polo's what in his government? Positins of authority
Things that Marco observed in China: They had a postal system with runners and horseback riders; they had paper money; and they used coal to create heat.
the polo's stayed in china how many years? 24
Marco became a prisoner in Genoa
it was a good thing because it gave other prisoners time to write his stories about china down for a book.
compass: a tool used to set a course and follow the direction faithfully.
astrolabe: a tool used to measure the angle between the sun or a star and the horizon at a specific time of day or night; from this the sailor can find his latitude.
dead reckoning: estimation
trade winds fast moving winds, blows toward the equator
doldrums calm winds along the equator
caravels new ship designed by the portuguese
Bartolomeu Dias sailed to the tip of africa; portuguese
Vasco da Gama portuguese; sailed to India
Created by: dodd.anna
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