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HBC + NWC #2

"Stay By The Bay" Policy HBC
strict standard of trade HBC
salaried employees with a strict company hiearchy (London Partners shared profit) HBC
encouraged celibacy instead of marriage with natives HBC
refused trade with alcohol HBC
NWC group of English merchants who seized fur trade; Montrealers
NWC 1783- merged with several other companies
NWC Set up trading posts in interior
NWC major trade depot at Fort William
NWC moved inland to be closer to traders
NWC business structure based on partnerships
NWC less rigid policy
NWC had to condend with ice free season on lakes and rivers
When the Pemmican Proclamation occurred 1816
Miles Mcdonnell issued the Pemmican Proclamation
Sent Robert Semple to get pemmican Miles Mcdonnell
Leader of the Battle of 7 Oaks Cuthbert Grant
"warden of the plains" looks after bison hunt
Cuthbert Grants and Robert Semple were ______ Problems
French/ Catholics The Orange Order disliked these people
Three trading forts Fort Garry, Fort Pembina, Fort Gibraltar
Fort Garry HBC
Fort Pembina HBC
Fort Gibraltar NWC
Louis Riel Seized Fort Garry because of the firearms and he wanted to hold Thomas Scott + John Scultz there
Two choices of Scottish tenant farmers -move to industrialized cities -move to British North America (BNA)
How Lork Selkirk proposed to solve the crisis within Hudson's Bay/ problems associated with crofters #1 Used his fortunate to provide agricultural land/colonies for the crofter #1
How Lork Selkirk proposed to solve the crisis within Hudson's Bay/ problems associated with crofters #2 Established settlements in the Maritimes & Upper Canada in 1810
Two policies Miles M. issued to protect new colonists -Pemmicam Proclamation -ordered NWC employees to vacate their posts by Red River Valley in 6 months
Pemmican War: Cuthbert G. and ____ of his men rode out to the Metis. The Metis split in ___ groups. ___ of Semple's men were killed within ____ minutes. This battle later called ____. 28, 2, 20, 15, Battle of 7 Oaks
Which two leaders supported the Metis/NWC? Cuthbert Grant, Duncan Cameron
Which three leaders supported the Selkirk Settlers? Miles Macdonnell, Colin Robertson, Robert Semple
1825 the year NWC sold their shares to HBC
Why _____ _____ was known as the Little Emperor -George Simpson; Autocratic manner and small stature
Entirely of wood, made with simple hand tools, "Northwest Fiddle", travelled side by side Red River Cart
Le commerce est libre! Viva la liberte! "Business is open! Long live freedom!"
Bannock flatbread
Flogged whipped with a whip for punishment
Country born Scottish or English + Native ancestry
Free trade trail 1849
Simpson and his wife left for ___ in _____ England, 1832
Character Book where faults of HBC employees were recorded
November 1869 Fort Garry Seized by Riel
William MacDougall Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Red River area
Ontario government puts _____ out for ____'s capture bounty, Riel
6 things increased tension in Red River area crop failure, protestants, economic problems, bison disappearing, cash strapped HBC lost interest in area, SCultz championed Canadian interests, addt'ly; Metis never made legal claim to their land
Why HBC wanted to relinquish control of Rupert's Land -difficult to control vast territory -more settlers moving into Northwest
November 1869; plus they needed ____ to acquire it Canadian Government controlled Rupert's Land -Louis Riel
Purpose/Proposals of Riel's Provisional Government (2) -maintain order, negotiate agreements about Manitoba -creation of Manitoba where Metis reps could go to Ottawa; list of rights were formed
Provisional Government temporary gov't
Metis National Committee (MNC) Committee formed by Riel and other Metis to represent Metis interests
Dr. John Scultz (2) -one of 1st immigrants to arrive in 1860 -wanted business, not medicinal practice
NorWester Only newspaper in the settlement
Metis List of Rights agreed to by ____ Red River Convention
When and where were the Metis List of Rights adopted? -In Fort Garry (Dec.1, 1869)
Manitoba ended confederation on May 2, 1870
Two major concessions for Metis people -1.4 million acres for children -Metis Rights assured by Manitoba Act
What happened to Riel and members of provisional government? Riel tried fleeing from Winnipeg because he was scared of dying. Members of the provisional government who stayed were granted amnesty, but Riel wasn't.
Created by: Danica_1234
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