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4 - Const & State

Unit 4 - Georgia's Statehood. US Constitution and Growth of Georgia

Describe the Executive Branch of the Georgia Constitution of 1777. Weak. Governor in office for only 1 year.
Describe the Legislative Branch of the Georgia Constitution of 1777. Had most of the power. Only 1 house (unicameral), the House of Assembly. Elected the governor.
Describe the Judicial Branch of the Georgia Constitution of 1777. A Superior Court in each county to settle disputes. Handled the day to day stuff for the state.
Describe the government of the Articles of Confederation. No Executive or Judicial Branches. A unicameral legislature where each state gets 1 vote.
Describe how the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation made it impossible for the government to perform its duties. Could not collect taxes to pay America's debts. Could not raise an army to protect American citizens. Could not settle disputes between states because there was no National Court System (Judicial Branch)
What is the Constitutional Convention of 1787? The meetings where the new U.S. Constitution was created.
Which Georgia Representatives ratified the U.S. Constitution for Georgia? Abraham Baldwin and William Few
What was the main reason Georgia ratified the U.S. Constitution? Georgia wanted a strong central government to help negotiate with the Native Americans.
Describe the establishment of UGA? Abraham Baldwin. It was the first non-Church related university. Later became a Land-Grant University to focus on agriculture and science.
What is Louisville? The future (3rd) capital of Georgia. Augusta served as the capital after Savannah until Louisville was developed enough.
What were the main Christian denominations in Georgia after the Revolutionary War? Baptists and Methodists
What is the headright system? A way of granting land. The head of the household got 200 acres plus 50 acres per person in the household, up to 1,000 acres.
What was the Yazoo land fraud? Companies illegally bought and sold Indian land.
How was the Yazoo land fraud settled? Georgia sold the land (Alabama and Mississippi) to the US government and made it their problem to fix.
How was land awarded after the Yazoo land fraud? Land was given by lottery. They drew for lots of land. If you got the land you wanted you could buy it for couple pennies an acre.
How did the cotton gin impact Georgia's growth? It made harvesting cotton profitable, so slavery increased and more people came to Georgia to farm cotton.
How did the railroads impact Georgia's growth? It made it easier to travel and get goods to markets, especially markets that weren't on waterways.
Who is Alexander McGillivray? Creek leader. Refused to give up any more Creek land. Although President Washington convinced him to give some.
Who is William McIntosh? A Creek leader who sold out the remainder of Creek land in Georgia. Killed because he didn't have Creek Nations permission to do this.
Who is Sequoyah? Cherokee who created the Cherokee written language.
Who is John Ross? Cherokee leader who refused to give away any more Cherokee land.
What were the effects of the Dahlonega Gold Rush? Made Georgia want the Cherokee land in north Georgia, it led the their removal.
Who is John Marshall? The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that said Georgia law doesn't apply on Cherokee land. He sided with the Cherokee.
Who was Andrew Jackson? American President to refused to enforce the Supreme Courts ruling the the Cherokee control their land.
What is the Trail of Tears? The final removal of the Cherokee Indians from north Georgia to Oklahoma. Thousands died.
Created by: Georgiahistory