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Meyer Elem - 4th

Oaks - Daily Texas - week 8

Which group of Native Americans were the largest in Texas? Caddo Indians
What was another name Native Americans used for corn? maize
The Caddos used grasses and trees to build large, round houses that looked like what? beehives
The Karankawa Indian tribe settled along Galveston and Corpus Christi, which is a part of what coastline? Gulf Coast
The Karankawas used boats made from large, hollowed-out logs called what? dugouts
How did the Coahultecans get most of their food? hunting and gathering
People without a permanent home are called what? nomads
Which region of Texas were the Caddo, Karankawa, and Coahuiltecan tribes a part of? Gulf Coastal Plains
The four regions of Texas are... Coastal Plains, Great Plains, North Central Plains, and Mountain & Basin
Created by: rcompean