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AP Gov Ch 12

List seven perks members of congress receive 1. Generous Salary 2. Generous retirement benefits 3. office space in Washington and constituencies 4.Substantial congressional staff 5. House travel allowances to see their constituents 6. Franking privileges. 7. Small privileges
Describe a typical member of congress in terms of the following categories. Sex, race, age, religion, prior occupation, wealth. Male, white, middle-aged, protestant, prior occupation, wealth.
What is the difference between descriptive and substantive representation. Descriptive: representing constituents by mirroring their personal,politically relevant characteristics. Substantive: representing the interests of groups.
Give two reasons why women are less likely to run for congress than men. 1. Less likely than men to run if they feel like their chances of winning aren't very high. 2. Children
List and explain five advantages incumbents have over their opponents in congressional elections. 1. Advertising 2. Credit claiming 3. Position taking 4. Weak opponents 5. Campaign Spending
What is the difference between casework and pork barrel. Casework: activities of members of congress that help constituents as individuals. Pork barrel: mighty list of federal projects, grants and contracts.
What are the main criticisms of political action committees 1. Why spend money to pay for campaign costs of a campaign that is already likely to win. 2. PAC'S make contributions after the election.
List and explain three ways that an incumbent might be defeated. 1. Scandal or corruption 2. Boudnaries of their district change. 3. major political upheval.
List three criticisms of term limitations 1. Created lifetime tenure 2. Lack of experience 3. Encouraged ethics abuse.
What are the main functions of the House Rules Committee. Review all bills, schedules bill, alots time for debate.
List four formal powers of the Speaker of the House. Presides over the house, makes committee assignments, appoints the parties legislative leaders, controls which bill goes to which committee.
List four types of congressional committees. 1. Standing 2. Joint 3. Conference 4. Select
What is legislative oversight? Congress' monitoring of the bureaucracy and its administration of policy, performed mainly through hearings.
How does the seniority system work? The oldest person leads the group.
What is the difference between the personal staff and the committee staff? Personal Staff: works for members Committee Staff: works for a committee
List three congressional staff agencies. 1. GAO 2. CRS 3. CBO
How does a bill become a law? House, Subcommittee, committee, Rules committee, Full house, Conference Committee, full house, president law.
List the ten times a president must usually win in order to hope for final passage of his or her legislation. 1. In one House Subcommittee 2. In the full house committee 3. House rules committee 4. House floor 5. Senate subcommittee 6. In the full senate committee 7. Senate floor 8. Conference committee 9. house floor (final passage) 10.Senate floor (fin
Give two reasons why the congressional parties have become more idealogically polarized. 1. Boundaries drawn by political parties. 2. Liberals and conservatives sorted into Democrats and Republicans.
What is the difference between trustees, instructed delegates, and politicos? Trustees: use their best judgementto make decisions to make policy in the interests of the people. Delegates: mirror the preferences of their delegates Politicos: 50/50
List three ways congress can frustrate the activities of lobbyists 1. Congress strengthenes public disclosure requirementsconcerning lobbyists activity and funding. 2. More restrictions on gifts and travel for members of congress and staff. 3. Mandatory disclosure of earmarks in expenditure bills.
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