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Who was our first president? George Washington.
Who was our second president? Adams.
Who was our third president? Jefferson.
Who was our fourth president? Madison.
Who was our fifth president? Monroe.
What was Jay's Treaty? Washington's attempt to make peace with the US and great Britain by allowing them to take our ships and impress our men every time we traded with their enemy.
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What was bad about the cotton gin? It increased Slavery.
What was the proclamation of neutrality? Decides we wont get involved in French and England war.
What type of Protection does Adam's start? The NAVY.
What was the XYZ Affair? Adam's sends agents to France in attempt to make peace but they want to be bribed to talk.
Was Adam's a federalist or an Anti-federalist Federalist
What was the Alien and Sedition Acts? States its illegal to critsize the president.
Who was Adams "at war" with? Jefferson
Was Jefferson a Federalist or Anti-federalist? Anti-Federalist
What does the embargo act do? stops impressment at sea.
What was the Tripoli War? Defeats barbory pirates
What was another name for the Tripoli war? first war
What was the Louisiana Purchase? Jefferson pays $15,000,000 for HUGE amount of land
What is the Louisiana Purchase considered as? the best real estate deal in history.
Who were Lewis and Clark? 2 men sent from Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase.
Who helped Lewis and Clark? Sacajawea
Who created the first successful steamboat? Robert Fulton
Why was a steamboat so important? Traveling was quicker
Was Madison a federalist or anti-federalist? Anti-federalist
What was so important about the Cumberland/ national road? Made traveling easier and it was Americas first road!
What was burned down at the war of 1812? The whitehouse and capitol
What was written at the war of 1812? The star spangled banner
What was another name for the war of 1812? 2nd war of independance
Was Monroe a federalist or anti-federalist? anti-federalist
What was the era of good feelings? Everyone was "high off life"
What was the Florida Purchase? Jackson invades Florida when Spain is at it's weakest and both countries know if they went war america would win, therefore Spain sells Florida to us for 10 million dollars.
What was the Monroe Doctrine? Monroe tells Europeans to stay off Florida!
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