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sociology ch 14

consists of rules and norms that ensure the transmission of knowledge, values, and patterns or behaviors of one generation to the next education
which involves instruction by specially trained teachers who follow officially recognized policies schooling
funtionalist sociologists who also believe that education serves to produce a society of individuals who share a common national identity social integration
how education serves to screen and select the members of society for the work they will do as adults (aptitude test) occupational placement
to describe schools and transmission of cultural goals that are not openly acknowledged hidden cirriculum
involves the assignment of students to different kinds of educational programs such as general studies, vocational training and college prep tracking
funded with public money but are privately operated and run charter schools
system in which a childs main educational sytem is done by parents at home home schooling
gangs, metal detectors, fights violence in schools
involves set punishments and often expulsion for serious offenses zero tolerance
system in which non speaking english students are taught in their native language until they are proficient enough in english to attend regular classes bilingual ed
anything that is considered to be of the supernatural sacred
anything to be considered part of the ordinary world and unless common place is familiar profane
a system of roles and norms that is organized around the sacred realm and binds people together in social groups religion
may be defined as an established pattern of behavior through which a group of believers experience the sacred ritual
belief that spirits actively influence life. rivers,animals, and plants have believed to have spirits animism
type of animism and is believed that spirits communicate only with one person in the group shamanism
involves a belief in kinship between humans and animals or natural objects totemism
belief in a god or gods. God is considered a divine power worthy of worship theism
belief in one god. ex. judism, christianity, islam monotheism
refers to the belief in a number of gods ex. hinduism polytheism
based on the idea of moral principles which have a sacred quality based on principles of truth, honor, and tolerance. ethicalism
type of religious organization in which most people in the society are members by virtue of their birth. ex. state church allied with gov. ecclesia
well established religious organization in which a substantial number of the population are members denomination
relatively small religious organization that has typically off from a denomination because of differences cointaing beliefs. sect
new religion whose beliefs and practices differ marketively from laws of societies major religions cult
depth of peoples religious feelings and how they translate these feelings into behaviors religiosity
meaning non religious secular
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