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Civics Vocab

April 20

Arbitration Submitting a dispute to a third party and agreeing to abide by that person's ruling
Mediation Attempt by a third party to help resolve a conflict through negotiation
Small Claims Court Court that hears civil case where the money involved is no higher than $5000
Legal Action Seeking a legal remedy
Department of Justice Cabinet-level agency that sets regulations for all public carriers
FBI Law enforcement division of the Department of Justice covering domestic federal crimes
SBI Law enforcement division of the Department of Justice covering domestic state crimes
Death Penalty the punishment for a person who has commited a serious crime
Monetary Compensation Payment for damages
Recidivism Criminals repeating their criminal behavior
Retribution Something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment
Restitution Making good on damages one has caused
Deterrence A retributive theory of punishment that argue that criminals and others will see the painful consequences of punishment and consequently, obey the law
Detention Refers to a state's authority to hold people, either to punish or investigate them
Probation Conditional suspension of a prison or jail sentence
Parole Conditional release of a criminal from incarceration
Juvenile Detention jail for underage people (16 and under)
Community Service Service performed for the community; sometimes part of a judge's sentence for lesser crimes
House Arrest Punishment that confines a person under certain conditions to his or her home
Jail a prison, esp. one for the detention of persons awaiting trial or convicted of minor offenses
Prison a building for the confinement of persons held while awaiting trial, persons sentenced after conviction, etc.
Boot Camp A place where problem children go to correct their beavior
Compensation something given or received as an equivalent for services
Rehabilitation Making criminals into good citizens
Created by: Civics123