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dumb shit

stupid shit some dumbass expects me to learn

gilded looks like a shimmer of gold. shitty on inside, pretty on the outside. has to do with the wealthy & politics
bosses rich powerful men in control of politics, run cities
Boss Tweed steels 200 million from NYC in the Tammany Hall political machine
Whiskey Ring bribes from distilleries in order to not pay taxes
Gilded Presidents James Garfield & Rutherford B. Hayes
Pendelton Service Act merit system to establish un-bias gov. hiring - creates Civil Service Commission
Progressives address social & political problems -push for new laws -cities cleanup: toilets, running water, deaths decrease, america's cities are some of the cleanest in the world
Wisconsin Idea get rid of corruptive machines in politics & make state gov. more professional
Muckrakers rake up dirt on people & birth of modern media -effect: public is made aware
Direct Primary people, not party leaders choose candidates for office
17th Amendment people, not state legislatures vote on senators.
recall right to revote a person in office
initiative right to propose a new law through petition of signatures
referendum allows voters to approve or disapprove a measure passed by gov.
new laws clean up cities -must go to school -new health courses
triangle shirt waist factory fire, skinny halls, not enough exits, locked doors, no water, lots of other shit i should probs remember
some kids at age 5 worked, why? no law could be passed to stop it
IWW industrial workers of the world -want to bring all workers together in one big union -success @ 1st, then scary to americans in fear of their power
women's suffrage & temperance know something about them i guess? who fucking knows.
seneca falls conference -property rights -higher education -non-professional jobs
clubs meant to tackle women's rights & society problems -women organize clubs
temperance TO BAN ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!! fuck that.
suffrage to gain the right to vote -susan b anthony starts this!!!
WCTU womans christian temperance union -francis willard = long time president
anti-saloon league same goals as temperance, different name
18th amendment outlawed the manufacturing, sale, or transportations of alcohol
NAWSA national american women suffrage association -parades & meetings are daily events for change
19th amendment gives WOMEN the right to vote
13th amendment EC ban slavery
14th amendment EC citizenship
15th amendment EC blacks can vote
16th amendment EC something that has to do with taxes
18th temperance
19th women can vote
Booker T Washington born a slave, became educated -FOCUSES ON EDUCATION FOR ALL -starts the tuskegee institute in alabama!!! -doesnt want to fight discrimination, but outsmart by getting educated
Ida B Wells opponent to violence in discrimination -draws heavy attention to LYNCHING in the south
W.E.B Du Bois contrasted booker washington -focused on how racial & unfair society was towards blacks -focuses on LEGAL CHANGE -tells america how unfair things are in the north
Niagra Movement called for equality, FIRST TRY TO NATIONALLY ORGANIZE
NAACP national association for the advancement of colored people -brought together whites & blacks -educated whites about black injustices
NACW national association of colored women -seek to help women & stop lynching
society of american indians want to assist indians on reservations
native americans dawes act failed them -faced poverty & unemployment
chinese slow population built after restricting entry -accepted in their own neighborhoods, no where else
mexican americans could cross border easily -move into cities that were once held by mexico -numbers increase around 1900s
socialism no competition -TON OF GOV. INVOLVEMENT
capitalism competition -no gov. involvement -want to run things themselves to make more $
Lochner vs New York states could limit hours for workers in dangerous jobs like mining
Muller v. Oregon limited womens working hours
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