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ahsge history 10

Who was the director of the Seneca Falls Convention and a women's rights advocate? Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Who was known for her work in women's rights, especially the suffrage movement? (She was once on a $1 coin) Susan B. Anthony
Who was the first woman who tried to get poor women to use birth control? Margaret Sanger
Who wrote the lyrics to our national anthem "the star-spangled banner"? Francis Scott Key
What U.S. president was elected by the Common Man (1828) and moved Indians to reservations. Andrew Jackson
Who raided the army arsenal at Harper's ferry to get weapons to kill slave owners? John Brown
Who was the U.S. president during the civil war? ( he wanted no extension of slavery) Abraham Lincoln
Who was the commander of the southern army during the civil war? Robergeorge Washington Carert E. Lee
Who was the leader of the Union Army during the civil war? (He was a weak president later) Ulysses S. Grant
Who created the idea of social Darwinism? (Survival of the fittest) Charles darwin
What rich American owned most of the oil rights in the U.S.? John D. Rockefeller
Who founded the Niagra Movement which became the NAACP? (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) William E. B. Dubois
Who was the founder of the Tuskegee Institute? (An Alabama flight school for blacks) Booker T. Washington
Who invented Peanut Butter and developed over 300 products from peanuts George Washington Carver
What U.S. president was one of the "Rough Riders" during the Spanish-American war? Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
What U.S. president created the League of Nation after World War I, but the U.S. didn't join it? Woodrow Wilson
Whose assassination started World War I? Archduke Francis Ferdinand
Who was the leader of Germany who killed Jews during world war II? Adolf Hitler
Who made the firstnon-stop flight to Paris? (His plane was named the spirit of St. Louis) Charles lindberg
Which U.S. president was blamed for the Great Depression? Herbert Hoover
Who was the president during the great depression and world warII? (He created the TVA and alphabet agencies) Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was the leader of Russia during world war II? Joseph Stalin
Who was the leader of the British forces during WWII? Winston Churchill
Created by: missyprissi96