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3rd Grade-Chapter 11

Study for Social Studies Chapter 11 Test

What event ended the Great Depression for good? World War II
What event caused the U.S. to enter WWII? Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
How did WWII affect the textile and cotton industries? Cotton prices went up and mills worked around the clock.
What does recycle mean? to reuse things
How did SC's economy change after WWII? People went to work at big companies and military bases.
What man was governor of SC, ran for US president and was the oldest US Senator in US History? J. Strom Thurmond
What was the Savannah River Site? A nuclear plant
How did cars change the way people lived? People lived in the suburbs and traveled farther to cities for work.
What were people working for during the civil rights movement? Equal rights for all people
What important decision did Judge Waring make? To allow black people to vote in primary elections
What was the Briggs v. Elliott court case about? Black schools were supposed to be equal to white schools but the were not.
What court case caused schools to be desegregated? Brown v. Topeka Board of Education
What are civil rights? The basic rights of every citizen
What famous black baseball player protested Jim Crow laws by trying to enter the white waiting room at the Greenville Airport? Jackie Robinson
How did some people protest for civil rights? Marching to show their support, having sit-ins at lunch counters, and Going to white only places
What did the Civil Rights Act say? Segregation in public places was illegal.
What is SC's economy in the 21st century like? Farming is important but industries are more important.
Created by: reezymae