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unit 4hiscont


what was the name of the ship that sunk lusitania
on what day was the lusitania sunk may 7, 1915
how many people were killed durning the sinking 1,198...128 americans
what as the us responce to the sinking threatens to cut diplomatic relations
passenger ships would not be targeted, merchanant ships would not be sunk without contraband(arms) sussex plege
telegram sent to german foreign the zimmerman note 1917
who urged mexico into war against the us minister arthur zimmerman
who asks congress to declare war wilson
opportunity for a desperate germany russian revolution
require men to register to be randomly selected for duty selective service act
how many men are selected for duty 2 million
who was the american expeditionary force led by gerneral john, or black jack
who was the first true..came from all over the country us doughboy
what as the psychological impact fresh supply of troops, loss of hope to germany
what encourages mass productions war industries board
what were the two conservation programs victory gardens, gospel of the cuan plate
what social changes were within the women work force, increased public support for womens suffarage
what was the great migration 1 million + move north to cities
what two places were the anti immigrant hysteria, which two were involved germany and austria hungry
what were the discrimination towards them what happend lost jobs, music, schools prohibited germany, books banned, violence
who bankrolled anti0war activites carnegie and ford
who resigned as secreatary of state william jennings bryan
who was the first women elected to congress jeanetie rankin
what did rankin do voted against war
what were draft evaders called slackers
how many slackers were there 300,000
what socialist that was given 10 year prision sentence eugene debs
who was accused of sabotaging war effort though strikes industrial workers of the world
what was the fine of the interfernece to war effort up to 10,000fine and or sentenced to 20yrs in jail
who was the supreme court ruling vs schenck vs U.S
Created by: katercheers
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