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2nd Six Weeks Review


Is hair color a cultural trait? No
What is NATO? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The destruction of the Berlin Wall signified the end of ______________? The Cold War
What is a fascist government? A government led by a dictator
Why did dictators gain power in Europe between WWI and WWII? Because they failed to meet the needs of their people
What was the Treaty of Versailles? The treaty that ended WWI and partially led to the start of WWII
How did geography affect Ancient Greece? The mountainous terrain led to the development of city-states
Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were similar because they ____________________? Established totalitarian governments
What was the long term result of the industrial revolution? Increased standard of living
What is a democratic government? A government ruled by the people
What is an oligarchy? A government ruled by a few
What ancient culture developed democracy? Ancient Greece
What is a republic? A form of representative government
Placing limits on a government allows for greater____________________? Personal freedoms
What started WWII? The invasion of Poland
Who was primarily responsible for the spread of the Black Death? Merchants
What was the "Iron Curtain"? Symbolized the division between Western and Eastern Europe
Hitler blamed the __________ for Germany's problems? Jews
Building airports, flowerbeds and insulating homes are all examples of ___________________? Methods of adapting to the environmentt
For citizens to ensure their rights they must_____________,_____________and______________? stay informed, vote in elections, respect others
What did Adolf Hitler and Mussolini have in common? Both dictators of fascist states
What ancient civilization's architecture influenced the US capitol building? Ancient Rome
The end of the Soviet Union, and communism, caused many countries to pursue a ________ ____________ economy? free market
What is Genocide? The systematic killing of an ethnic group or race
What is the UN designed to do? To solve international conflict
Created by: TStrader