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Causes of the CW

Unit 8 AP

What does antebellum mean? before the war
Describe the Northeast Industrial. 250,000 free blacks
Describe the Northwest Agricultural/ tied to Northeast through Indians wars
Where did 2 million immigrants come from? Ireland (Irish Immigrants)
Where did 1 million immigrants come from? Germany
What is nativism? The policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants. ANTI-CATHOLIC (in this case)
Describe MOST of the south Most were poor whites 75% who lived away from the rich farmland.
What is Sectionalism? The growing division between north and south from the founding of hte nation until the Civil War
What caused the sectionalism that eventually led to hte Civil War? slavery!
Describe how the issues of slavery divided the North and South in the 1840s and 1850s? 1- the admittance of new territories 2- the enforcement of slave laws 3- in literature 4- in extremist movements 5- in politics
What sparked the crisis that led to the Compromise of 1850? California wanted to become a free state. Radical southerners talked about secession.
What does it mean to SECEDE from the Union? to leave the union
Who proposed the Compromise of 1850? Henry Clay
What did the free-soilers want? They did not want to allow slavery into the Mexican Cession territory
What did the southerners want for the Mexican cession territory? They wanted the Missouri Compromise Line to extend west (so that they could have slaves south of that line)
What did Lewis Cass propose? Popular Sovereignty
What is popular sovereignty? it allowed ht people who settled a territory to decide whether that territory should be slave or free
What was proposed in the Compromise of 1850 to satisfy the southerners? a fugitive slave law
Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Stephen Douglas, of Illinois
What did hte Kansas-Nebraska Act suggest? That popular sovereignty determine the territories of Nebraska and Kansas?
What was "Bleeding Kansas" The name for the fighting which broke out when northerns and southerners rushed to the Kansas-Nebraska territory.
Why did Northerners HATE the Kansas-Nebraska Act? It nullified the Missouri Compromise Line of 1820 (by allowing slavery north of that line)
What did the Fugitive Slave Law of 1854 do? Said escape slaves who made it to the North would be captured and returned to the south. Also, no trial for blacks captured in north.
Who was the famous conductor of the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
What was the Underground Railroad? series of paths/safe places for runaway slaves to hide.
What did the Dred Scott Decision determine? Slaves were property.
What did "Uncle Tom's Cabin" say? It was a book that used stereotypes that all slave owners were horribly cruel.
What did "Impending Crisis in the South" say? It was a book that appealed to whites' self interest. Attacked slavery from economic standpoint. Said slavery impeded industrializiation/development.
What did "Cannibals All!" say? IT said that slavery was good. Under slavery, blacks were protected and slave owners were paternalistic (like fathers)
What was the Lecompton Constitution? It legalized slavery. Gave death to anyone who aided escaped slaves. .
What was the Constitution at Topeka? It made slavery illegal. The Free-soilers elected own legislature because they considered the existing one as "bogus".
What happened to Charles Sumner? He was a Massachusetts senator who was criticising the south. He was attacked and beaten over the head with a cane.
What did the Missouri Compromise state? The Missouri Compromise issued a line at 36'30 that said states north of the line would be free and south of the line would be slave.
What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act do? It was created by Stephen Douglas to extend the RR. 1- divided Nebraska territory into 2 parts (kansas and nebraska) 2- repealed the Missouri Compromise because these territories would use popular sovereignty to determine slave/free.
What ultimately caused an incurable rift in the Whig party? The Kansas-Nebraska Act (issue of slavery)
With the destruction of the whig party, came the birth of what political party? the Republican Party
Immigrants in the EARLY 1800s (1800-1830) were mostly from what background? British, Protestant and skilled workers
In the 1840s and the 1850s MOST immigrants were of what background? Irish, Catholic, Unskilled
Most immigrants joined what political party? the Democratic Party
What was the major platform of the Know-Nothing Party? Nativism
Who won in the 1856 election? James Buchanan
Who wont he 1860 election? Abraham Lincoln
Who ran in 1860? Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, Breckenridge
What happened in the Dred Scott case? Mr. Scott was taken by his master to a free state. After 2 years, Scott sued for his freedom. It was determined that slaves were property and could not sue.
Who wrote "Cannibals All!" and what was the point of view? George Fitzhugh, Slavery is good.
Free-Labor the idea that social mobility awaited those industrious laboreres who worked hard and efficiently
What was the great enemy of a free-labor socieyt? slavery
Who endorsed the free-laborers? Republicans
What happened in the 1855 territorial election? Pro-slavery Missourians crossed the border and voted illegally in favor of slavery.
What was the point of view in "The impending Crisis of the South" book by Hinton Helper? Slavery caused economic ignorance
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