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chapter 4 terms

ap us history

the right to acquire a certain amount of land granted to the person who finances the passage of a laborer headright
to take away the right to vote disfranchise
any conflict between the citizens or inhabitants of teh same country civil war
the territory adjoining water affected by tides tidewater
the portion of a slave ship's journey in which slaves were carried from Africa to the Americas middle passage
the ability to mate and produce abundant young fertility
fit for servants; humble or low menial
an armed force of citizens called out only in emergencies militia
a social group arranged in ranks or classes hierarchy
a group or institution granted legal rights to carry on certain specified activities corporation
a sermon or prophecy recounting wrongdoing, warning of doom, and calling for repentance jeremiad
the illegal execution of an accused person by mob action, without due process of law lynching
an inland region set back from a port, river, or seacoast hinterland
the basic pattern of the distribution of status and wealth in a society social structure
of noble or upper-class descent blue blood
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