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Exercise, MMT & FMT

223 2nd exam

contraindications to exercise inflamed joints;open wounds, recent surgery; UMN lesions; complete sensory loss; bone cancer
types of exercise PROM, AAROM, AROM, PRE, Coordination, Pendulum
What kind of exercise is most appropriate for breast cancer its? Pendulum exercise
What is PRE? Progressive Resistive Exercise
PRE guidelines Do 3 sets of 10 reps: 1st set at 50% of max; 2nd set @ 75/max; 3rd set @ 100% of max
For what populations is fatigue in exercise NOT desireble? MS, Postpolio, MD, GB
why is substitution NOT desirable in exercise? b/c it prevents strengthening of the targeted muscles
Isokinetic machines for exercise - - - - As you exercise, the machine recalibrates where muscle has oct power
What is necessary for eccentric contraction? resistance either through gravity, theraband, or weight
isometric exercises . . . have no joint movement, muscle contracts, e.g. wall sit, stresses CV system, are good for arthritis, sprains
which is more effective to build muscle - concentric or eccentric muscle contractions? eccentric contractions
to increase strength, a muscle must contract to it's ____ capacity maximum
what is the difference between Manual Muscle Testing & Functional Muscle Testing? FMT - usually tests a group of muscles & is used more by OTs
procedure for FMT 1) move pt thru full ROM; 2) Have pt perform motion I against gravity; 3) set pt in mid range; 4) stabilize proximally; 5) apply resistance distally, tell pt to "hold"; 5) grade performance, adjust for age
Unilateral & Bilateral MMDT (Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test); Purdue Peg Board; Jebsen Test of Hand function
unilateral only tests 9 hole peg test; box & blocks; pick up
9 hole peg test - evaluates ______ dexterity & fine motor
box and block test evaluates -________ gross manual dexterity
Pick up Test evaluates _______ fine motor
T/F - an OTA can use PAMs unsupervised if they are trained FALSE - they must be under supervision by PA laws
T/F: PAMS can be used as a tx false - can only be precursor to TX
After PAMS, follow up with a ______ functional OT activity
most common malpractice lawsuits in therapy are from ________ hot pack burn
Heat is appropriate for local pain relief if ________ the diagnosis is known and it is not from inflammation
heat is contraindicated when: impaired sensation; large scars; impaired cognition; cancer/tumors, acute infection, DVT or peripheral vascular disease; cardiac disease, seizures; primary tendon or ligament repair
Cold packs are good for: edema, post exercise, arthritis flares, spasticity/muscle spasms, strains to ligaments, tendons - acute, acute tendinitis (dixie cup)
Contraindications for cold therapy Raynaud's syndrome; decreased circulation, healing nerves b/c slows process; impaired circulation, healing wounds, cardiac dysfunction
Created by: sherryama
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